Complete and Total, Barfarama.

"Typos are very important to all written form. It gives the reader something to look for so they aren't distracted by the total lack of content in your writing."
-Randy Milholland

I havn't had the strength the last two days to make to my computer, I've barely had enough to make it to the bathroom to puke up whatever little bit of juice or water or crackers I've tried to keep down. Long story short, I got a healthy dose of food poisoning from some shrimp that had been left out a little to long; and I paid the price. Not to get into details but I had it coming out both ends...
This did make me think a lot; halucigenically (I had this wild dream where I had super long white hair like... Edgar Winter....) and otherwise; about health, and how much I take it for granted that I'll always have mine; not that I can run a mile without collapsing or that I don't get winded reading the Sunday paper... But subjectively speaking, I usually feel quite healthy, and when it's taken from me so quickly it scares me a little. Life is nothing if you don't have your health... It made me think that I need to start eating better... Or more, and maybe quit smoking cigarettes, though I have been cutting back on those in the last year or so... I used to be a pack a day, then a pack every two... Now I'm around a pack every four days, that's not so bad right?

Being so sick also made me realize how dependent on each other we are, and specifically how depended I am on the kindness of my friends; I don't have family around at a moments notice and I don't think that many of my friend's do, for the most part my friends are my family - luckily I have Amazing friends; I never heard Todd once complain when I called him Saturday morning at some ungodly early hour begging him to give me a ride. That is a friend... Indeed. And sweet Eva; she brought me by a veritable pharmacy/bodega of get well goodies; Dramamine (that the doctor she called recommended for nausea.), three types of herbal tea, juice, sorbet, spring water, crackers, chocolate, bread and pretzels... Plus, four of the greatest films ever for sick boys; Beatmaster, Ladyhawke, raising Arizona, and The Princess bride; I also requested Gosford Park, there's something so reassuring about that movie to me... I know that if it wasn't for that care and concern I'd probably still be all nasty and sick; I'm not good at taking care of myself sometimes, I get sick and instead of doing what I need to do to get better; I'll just ignore it... That is something I learned from when I got that narly cold this winter; but when I took a little advice from friends, the secret umka project was a Success and I was cured much sooner than expected...

So, now that I'm feeling a bit better; I got a lot of dishes to be doing;

Thank you Todd and Eva; I'm feeling much better now.

Guy: Motherfucker of God!
Chick: That would be Joseph.

--60th & Broadway

Overheard by: James Wolf

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greg davis said...

much cooler mario hack / movie here:

you have to have an NES emulator to watch it.

made by cory from beige and the paperrad folks.

Brooke said...

What a great bouquet of sick movies! I can't think about Ladyhawk anymore without also remmebering your review of M83's Dead Cities. I'm sorry about your food sickness-I've only had food poisoning once, but ye gods it was terrible!!!! I'm glad you had some good people around to help you through.

Tmoore said...

thanks brooke; ladyhawke, is probably the greatest movie ever....

Greg; when i get home to my computer i'm check that one out, thanks for the headsup.