Nest Material
The Cripples
Ryan Power
The Metronome
There's probably a cover, I don't know.
I just finished burning CD's and doing artwork for the Two (count that, 2) new releases Nest Material is putting out at tonight's show. One, is a full length consisting of early Material, called "Metaphysical Graffiti" and is of a lovely pastoral nature; there is a droning, gauzy, near raga sensibility to it and each track rolls easily into the next. Ben is incharge of getting that one packaged up and ready to go, I've seen the artwork for it, it's quite lovely and handcrafted; I did some CD burning for him tonight though cause his burner shit the bed; I on the other hand, am in charge of the EP, also known as "Radio Kinetics" This one is like the dirty little brother of MG, this is the Mikey to MG's Brand, the Seventeen to it's Ms. or perhaps, the hootie, to it's blowfish; and it represents a much darker, noisier, abrasive and adventuresome Nest Material; listeners bewarned; this is not bedtime music; Scronk and Scree, tape hiss and horse piss. Needless to say, i'm quite fond of this one.

Local eccentric politico genius Radkin (hence the title) makes appearances at the end... Even though I did the interview with him, I still can't figure out exactly what he's talking about; Flouridation, the CIA; Autism... some heavy shit.

So I hope to see you all there; I'll be the guy drinking way to much and acting all fidgity. Here's the Artwork I did for Radio Kinetics; the front is a Hodge-podge of found photos and Microsoft Paint; the back is a Hodge Podge of found trash; that I found it the bushes in front of my apartment. Voila.


casey said...

I know I'm the one that should know all this, but what time? What order? What should I wear? Something loose?

The Le Duo said...

1. 10 pm
2. (I think) the cripples, ryan & the myshkins, nest material
3. do you have anything in a low rise bikini? preferably mesh.


Tmoore said...

oooooh yes, that will do quite nicely.

michelle said...

scotty's baby!!!!!!!!!!!
i like your cover. i saw ben's last night and i like that one a lot too.
see you tonight.

Lionel J. Palardy said...

Hey anonymous, you think you are so tough. I think we should fight. Let's meet at the greyhound station, lock ourselves in a shitter, only one of us comes out alive. the winner will be determined by whomever walks out holding the other person's small intestine between their teeth.

Anonymous said...

no wait, that ones pretty funny.