I talked with Bridget on the phone earlier about tonight, and she sent me over some info; I gotta say it, it's great to see someone organizing and shaking up the scene, we need more of this sort of thing. This is another sign post in my "burlington music scene revival" theory. Thanks Bridget, see you all tonight @ Pearls!

"I started Wyld Stallions Records as a way of using my already established connections in the music industry (from working for an online music magazine for two years) towards social action. It is a nonprofit record label, which sounds like an oxymoron, but as "Caring is Knowing" shows, can work out. The compilation, to fight AIDS, with all profits going directly to Vermont CARES, includes tracks from NINETEEN local bands. One more band and we would have had to make a two-disc set. The artwork was done by Hilary Glass. The project was very DIY... color copying and burned CDs, but I think the result looks professional. The CDs are being sold for a minimum donation of $5. Several downtown businesses including Pure Pop, Downtown Discs, The Body Shop, The Peace and Justice Center, and Ben and Jerry's are carrying them. There is even a month long concert series at the downtown Ben and Jerry's scoop shop in the works for this spring. Peter Jacobsen (executive director of Vermont CARES) and I are blown away by the response to what started as a little project to waste some time. I'm hoping to now register Wyld Stallions Records as an official nonprofit in the state of Vermont so that we can accept donations to fund future CD projects to benefit various causes. Check out www.myspace.com/wyldstallionsrecords and www.vtcares.org.


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Palestinians said...

Yay for VT Cares.

Adam Green is clearly a better songwriter than Devendra Banhart. He is better looking and he is taller.
Mikey Welsh has the longest hair in the world. He is such a good bassist that he doesn't even use a guitar strap. When you see one on stage, it is just part of the lightshow.