Michelle's 7 1/2

Michelle posted a great comic about giving the folks from "His name is alive" a place to stay for the night. They played a show up in Montreal with Low; I didn't make it up though I wanted to, but apparently it was a great show.

What is it about sad songs that we love so much? This is an open question; tell me why do we listen to sad songs; what is the reasoning - Chris at work explained sad songs as being emotional catalysts, or rather a way to embellish ones own emotions, I personally see it as company, I always feel better when I find a song to match my mood; what are they for you?

Tonight, (Sunday) at 9pm the new episode of the Deadbeat Club debuts!

So set those TIVO's (it's like VCR plus+ but with out TV Guide.) or cancel those important plans cause it's gonna be good. I havn't seen the final edit; but from what i have seen you can expect many things, including: drama (the Offasty!), excitement (Figure skating), social commentary (bolsheviks!), Culture (Indie comics!) and much much more; plus if you look closely enough, little ol' me might be making an appearance; in comic form that is.

Lego my Linko


casey said...

Can't get enough of Cthulu Legos.

michelle said...

i like sad songs even when i'm not sad because i like to try to experience emotions outside of myself.

and i think it's good to be sad
and listening to sad music
while sad is good.

i haven't answered your question though.


Anonymous said...

the emotions are within the listener.
sounds dont carry emotions themselves.

Anonymous said...

but they can make you experience an emotion that you wouldn't have otherwise... at the very least, cause you to think about (if not experience) it from a different perspective.

Anonymous said...

You can tell which bands I like by my t-shirts. I am very concerned about my image and my hair and my citizenship in the Nederlands.

--Herb Van Der Sloot.

casey said...

Emotions may not be carried by the sound, but vibrations are. And those can certainly be used to create a physical and emotional response.

Which is why a minor seventh chord will usually provoke a similar reaction in a variety of listeners. It's not conditioning; it's bio-emotional math.

Fighter pilots listen to Slayer.

Tmoore said...

Hate filled lyrics are also a plus when you're dropping bombs on hospitals...