TheTragically what?

Stylus Magazine, the home of the over reaching uber-pretensious way off the mark music review (and on occasion, super sweet feature.) Has just posted a story on "The Tragically Hip"! The who now, you say? Actually you probably all know who these guys are; and you probably can't stand them, and for the most part, i don't like them much anymore either - However, there was a time in my formative years when the tragically hip and another little band called Phish (i just lost the very last crumb of cred i had didn't I?); formed the entirety of my music world (Sabbath, and Floyd too, but that's after i started getting high...) These guys were the soundtrack to every drunkin' back yard bonfire, every swearving back road pickup truck ride, and though i didn't get much action in Highschool, i can imagine every sweet makeout session... Almost everyone in Franklin County is a Hip Fan, and not coincidentally, just about everyone in Franklin County is a French Canadian. (ie: John Benson Ledoux?)

Though i can't say i listen to these albums much anymore, they do get the occasional rotation in the headphones; and they do still stand-up, even if they arn't as earth shattering as they once were to me; they're good rockin Roll albums, and somedays that's all i really care to listen to. Either way, it's kick ass to see stylus of all sites pay such loving homage to such a great and senslessly maligned rock and roll band. Check it out, and flame on! Link

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Alex said...



Not Clayton said...

Cousin, things weren't much different in Chittenden County. The Tragically Hip were the center of my musical universe in high school too. Next to The newest Jazz Guys album, Day After Night is probably the album i have listened to most in my lifetime.

casey said...

I never liked T-Hip. Figured I wasn't Canadian enough.

I just started trying to listen to Phish objectively, but other than the bitchin' guitar solos, I can't get into it.

Oh well.

White Trash Avon Lady said...

turn your speakers up and press play!


Neil said...

Dude, casey: Divided Sky.
Junta is still ichiban.

...holy shit, I can't believe I just posted that on the internet.

michelle said...

divided sky rules. so does harry hood. i used to like their music, although the guitar solos were one of the reasons i stopped liking it. and they just kept getting worse and worse. i still like mike's corner though.

Tmoore said...

i was always a fan of Harry Hood myself; the one on a live one was pretty good and for a while i had a ton of tapes, my favorite one being (filing through the mental vault... 8/11/91? perhaps? at batery park... with the giant country horns? susy greenburg... i can't remember...) i was always bothered by a certain emotional insencerity in there music or lyrics... or maybe they just like being playfull and silly while i wanted something to brood over, either way i was always pleased when they hit on something a little more "heavy" than their usual Icculus fair. some of their YEMs were nice like this...

casey said...

"i was always bothered by a certain emotional insencerity in there music or lyrics."

Exactly. And they're not really a "jam" band, per se - more like a aprogressive rock act with quasi-psychedelic leanings.

The only Phish I own is the new MSG '95 joint. I only picked it up because as far as documents go, it's kind of the peak of their powers, right?

You know the 33 &1/3 book series? I pitched a Blue Oyster cult album to them, they're booked 'til 2008. Now that I think of it, though, I think I should suggest "Picture of Nectar." Especially since I'm a Burlingtonian that was never an actual phan... Could be funny.