Slow Storm

It's always coming back around again; people and events and things i thought i forgot about; feelings i thought i'd dismissed... I'm exhausted right now; not nearly enough sleep lately; i'm a little drunk too, now that my stomach is finally holding down food, that means i can put alcohol on top of it. Today i took the Roast Beef test, you know, the one where the guy who is recovering from food poisoning eats an entire roast beef sub from Kountry Kart to check to see if everything is working ok. It's like that scene in the Deerhunter; Click! nothing! Sweet... i can eat absolutely anything anytime anywhere again!
I was going to write something here about running into all these people from my past; but i havn't gotten enough distance from it all to sum up; instead i found myself making a mix CD as a sort of way to distill my thoughts and feelings on the matter... Then tommorrow i'll listen to it at work and meditate on it. It's a pretty common practice for me that i find works really well; the mornings at Pure Pop are fairly uneventfull, lots of Coffee, Blogs and the occasional Die-hard shopper (or stray crazy...)
Today i was sitting at work; not doing much of anything when i got a phone call from Eva saying "You gotta come outside right now, it's snowing!" So i did, and it was, giant puffy white flakes the size of cottonballs and just as soft. The world had slowed down momentarily and nothing was being allowed to move any faster than these great big snowflakes. We took a walk arm in arm around the block and i marvelled at how they were somehow making it difficult for me to even walk; everything was under their control; and i was thrilled - the Slowstorm lasted for maybe 10 minutes but it was winter magic for sure.

Coastal Towns and Farmhouses Mix

1. American Analog Set - Weather Report
2. Nada Surf - Comes a Time
3. Coil - Tattooed Man
4. Will Oldham - Southside of the World
5. Porn Sword Tobacco - Detta Ar Karleken
6. Low - Closer
7. Ryan Power - [Shell] angelbreath
8. Porn Sword Tobacco - White Sneakers
9. Songs: Ohia - Blue Factory Flame
10. Six Organs of Admittance - Regeneration
11. Neil Young - Ambulance blues
12. Beautumn - To M
13. Morrissey - Everyday is like Sunday


Anonymous said...

Hey Tanner!
Whats up? Brian S. told me of your site. Pretty cool...

Tony Messier

jessica fletcher said...

what is a meatspin? i think i saw it on cnn


Anonymous said...

slow storm made my day. when i think of vermont, that's what i want to remember. slow snow.


Tmoore said...

Hey Tony, how's it going man; R.O. do i know you?

Anonymous said...

Ron O'Blenis