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Stanislav Lem
This pessimistic Pole has spent a whole career telling ironic stories of futility and frustration. Yet he is also a master of wordplay so witty that it sparkles even when translated into English.
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My Cat the Pervo'

How JC rolls.

So by now you all know JC. and you also know that blogging about ones cat is a violation of the blogger code of ethics, which stipulates for every blog entry about one's cat, said blogger looses 7% of his readership and a tsunami warning in the Philippines goes unheeded. Well, to that sir or Ma'am, i bid you farewell, may you find a kitty free blog somewhere on the web; might i suggest this entertain bit of rage - and to the Philippines, dry land is not a myth, I've seen it!

I play by my own rules people, and this cat, is like no other. i mean, i was sitting down this afternoon for a nice read about my most favorite Cylon, #6. When out of the blue, she bites me in the knee and says:

"Hey is that Tricia Helfer?"

i said, "who?"

"Tricia Helfer, of Battlestar Galactica fame."

"Its #6..."

"I know who it is, she a real person you know."


"Shadup and let me paw her boobies."




What is it about Russia that intrigues me so much? Every time i come across a photo or article on the former Communist super power - i have to stop and and stare and scrutinize; then wiki, google and blog. This is a country with so much history; much of it so tragic. We've all read at least one Russian novel; i think i've read two. We all know what happens in those books, and it always leaves me wondering, "Jesus fucking Christ, what goes on in that country?!"
And part of that curiosity stems from Russia's abstruse reality. I know little of its actual goings on; and unlike so many other cultures of the developed world - Russians don't seem interested in spreading Russian fever; (Vodka, Tatu and Yakov Smirnoff aside.) Because of that seeming reluctance to give it up; my curiosity grows. Similar to some Asian cultures that seem shrouded in mystery; but like their big drunk mustachioed uncle...Anyway - there are three sources of information about Russia that i've found, and it's safe to say that non of these alone provide me with what i feel is an accurate portrayal of Russia, Russians, and er, Russianity. Wikipedia gives me the facts; population density, some dry jerky bits of historical data, maps galore. Black and White photographs...
But what about the flesh and blood, the kids on the street, the movers and shakers, party kids, or the family off in the middle of nowhere, now, living - for that there's the "Russian issue" of Vice Magazine. (don't scoff at me, dick.)
Every weekend, Russians head out to their countryside dachas. For most people this means a crumbling shack on a small plot of land. “Rest” involves either never-ending work to make the dacha marginally inhabitable, or hopelessly growing a few tomatoes and cucumbers in the dacha plot. No matter how it starts, it always ends up as getting drunk off your ass and letting nature take its course.

Even though Russia’s the toughest country with the toughest homophobes in the world, they love faggy music. Even Italians can’t match Russians’ gay love of Eurotrash pop and techno.

False modesty and affected self-loathing are not good strategies to win over people of any strata in Russia. You don’t want to be the type who says “shucks,” even in coded irony. In the West, false modesty, proving that you can laugh at yourself, and self-loathing are all just strategies intended to show how strong, cool, and self-aware you are. It’s one of those coded social lies that come naturally to us, but which are exposed for what they are in a culture as direct and fearless as Russia’s. Only a loser would tell people that he’s a loser. If you hate yourself, then why the fuck should anyone else waste their time on you?
Another way Russians are unlike Americans is in the name department. The entire country has six names for guys and six for girls.
The girls are all named one of the following: Natasha, Nastya, Lena, Sveta, Ira, or Yulia. The guys are all either Sasha, Sergei, Vlad, Igor, Alexei, or Dima.

And thirdly and lastedly. Live Journal. yep - "What?" you say? "Live Journal, isn't LJ the bastion of the white suburban pre-teen? I thought so too - but in recent months, actually for the last year or so - i've been noticing a very steady rise in Russian language entries (or at least i think it's russian, at the very least it's Slavic.) I know this because i regularly view the 40 most recently uploaded pictures to LJ - and every time i see a picture of a Bear (russians, are obsessed with bears; aparently bears are like Paris Hilton in Russia...) or of teenagers doing some sort of weird and wild partying or just straight up having sex (Russians must have immunity to the LJ obscenity rules...) i know it's a russian entry - and sure enough when i click the photo, i get taken straight to a journal full of goblty gook.

Anyway - It would seem, and I would also hope, that no amount of reading and watching would be able to distill such a massive impenetrable culture... But rather that i need to actually go there, and live there, and even then, it'd only be a portion, just a pocket in place and time. Regardless, i'm very curious.
Photos taken from the following sources:

Exhibition of early color photographs from Russian Empire by S. M. Prokudin-Gorsky
Englishrussia |here| + |here|


20 years and 2 months ago today.

On November 22, 1987 at 11:00pm Central Standard Time, WTTW's broadcast signal was hijacked by an unknown person wearing a Max Headroom mask for about 90 seconds during a telecast of the Doctor Who serial Horror of Fang Rock. This was the second incident that night involving the interruption of a television station's broadcast signal. Approximately two hours prior to the WTTW incident, another Chicago television station, WGN-TV, had its broadcast hijacked by the same Max Headroom masked person during the 9 O'Clock News sports report. The intruder, believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or both), wore a fake penis on his middle finger, and displayed boorish behavior, such as baring his posterior and getting swatted with what was believed to be a fly swatter. |Wikipedia|

"The Federal Communications Commission and the FBI sprang into action, launching independent pirate-hunting squads to unmask the disturbing messenger. It was clear that the fellow had a rare knack for electronics and microwave equipment. WTTW's uplink antenna was atop the 1,454 foot Sears tower in downtown Chicago, and investigators concluded that the "signal pirate" smothered the legitimate broadcast by sending a more powerful signal to this antenna. According to some experts in broadcasting, a rig of sufficient power could be purchased for about $25,000– or perhaps rented for a few thousand dollars– and the disassembled equipment could be transported using a few large suitcases. Agents believed that the perpetrator either beamed his message from the rooftop of an adjacent building, or that he somehow gained access to a powerful ground-based transmitter. But Max had covered his tracks well, there was no clear indication of how he had executed his sophisticated attack." |Damn Interesting|

This was the last time that a major television broadcast was hijacked in America... personally, i hope the ability to do this is still out there somewhere, seems that it might be very useful at the right times. K-Fed at the Super bowl perhaps?
UPDATE: Eric Olsen pointed to this "Rather" interesting CBS follow up story [Youtube]

and HHHate had this to say about the whole incident:
"People need to get a sense of humor...and perspective...the airwaves of America belong to the PEOPLE, but the corporate media moguls hijacked it for themselves and their paying advertisers! Scumbags! This pirate should be found and commended for delivering the big "fuck you" that network broadcasters and their pandering drivel content so richly deserve!"


JC Penny Pop Art.

Know what makes me happy. Pink Kitty noses, and white rabbit fir'd bellies.

Yeah, i know it's borderline obsessive the way i've been turning my sweet unknowing cat into some sort of Jean Benet of the interweb cute competition, but i can't help it. So today, before some lame meeting i have at noon, i've decided to satisfy my JC obsession, my interest in Pop Art, and the imperative to look like I'm doing something somewhat work related in one fell swoop. Ta Da!


Dystopia much?

Ok, so in the last few weeks i've been exposed to about as much dystopian futurism as any person should have to endure given that it's January and very cold. Children of Men, easily the strongest (on all fronts, theme, style, acting, emotional impact, directing...) movie i've seen in a year - followed closely by Idiocracy, one of the most depressingly effective satires of consumer culture i've ever seen. Those two films, coupled w/ Paul Auster's heartbreaking and bleak "In the Country of Last Things" and well, reading the fucking news everyday. And now these:

Amazon user reviews of 1984:

1 / 5 Nice try George, May 13, 2004
Reviewer: ?
"I truly believe that Orwell's sole purpose for writing this novel was to encourage anarchy, and to convince his readers to be subordinate to authority. Though society and government are not perfect, they are not as evil and as oppressive as Orwell made them out to be. He creates a negative Utopia in hopes to make people hate their leaders and to disagree with any form of government. It is because of people like Orwell that our nation, as well as other nations, are so dramatically torn by the opinions of citizens towards their leaders, and their leader's decisions."

1 / 5 Nineteen Eighty Flub, November 20, 2003
Reviewer: ?

I recently took up the hobby of reading "classics" instead of teenage dramas or mysterys. 1984 was second on my list. But now I'm left wondering why is this book a classic? This book was descriptively crude with its love affair and prostitute, redundant with its thoughts and routine, and overall dull. I admit that this book did have a good message and was thoroughly enforced from the beginning to end. However, thats all that happened. It was just thoughts of a sad man with perverse and suspicouis thoughts. The main character constantly dwelled on how horrible everything was and eventually how he was going to fight against it. But never did.

Here's a winner...

2 / 5 Slow, Boring, and Depressing, October 10, 2005
Reviewer: Deadguy (Peoria, IL)

I was depressed for a week after I finished completing this novel. The torture that the protagonist endures is just too much to digest. I can only be thankful that this terrifying vision hasn't come to fruition...yet.

[The Rest]

Quick someone give me something to hold onto!


The view out my window

So the plaster and sheetrock are slowly letting go of the walls, and mold is reclaiming the bathroom, even with the storm windows down, there's still a noticable draft -
But we do have this view. The Masonic Temple, and Unitarian Church.

My father, a 3rd generation hardware / feed store owner, and general average joe - told me a few weeks ago, that he was now officially a Freemason - after a pause, he smiled and said "you wouldn't believe the things they have you do, but i guess i can't tell you." This guy owns 2 pair of blue jeans, and four button up plaids, he's got a carhart jacket and goes nowhere w/out his leatherman. "like what?!" ... He can't tell me... he did tell me he had to memorize a bunch of stuff, and he's got a robe now... and they use secret coded books. I asked him if he knew much about the purported history of the Freemasons, Adam Weishaupt, From Hell, and all that - he gave me a wry smile, that was supposed to be knowing and clandestine, but was more like a little boy w/ a special little secret...


Bloggers were invented ca. 300 AD, and were originally called "monks". Like their distant descendants, monks had shitty haircuts, and never got laid.


ghost in the Machine

Track #2 (Long Formula)

I just stumbled onto this facinating story: Apparently Richard D. James as well as other notables in the IDM genre have gone through the trouble of sonicly embedding images into their compositions - reminds me of the stories I've heard of classical composers writing their names or messages into their pieces. While it turns out that the process of embedding these images is not as hard as it would seem, it's still rather interesting - now i'm curious to see if there are an full motion video clips converted over and embedded in someone's music...

More info can be found here |bastwood.com|

Venetian Snares: Songs about my Cats


It's January now...

So what are you gonna do with all that free time? I think i was wondering that last week, and that's why i was drunk all week long. Post holiday /New year depression coupled w/ seasonal affective disorder (aka (also known as) Sad) would have me down, if i was experiencing any of those things... honnestly though, i was just bored. Couple that with a few random circumstances, and it looked like i was trying to drown demons (or shame, or fear, or whatevs.) Nah.

Know what i'm gonna be doing this month? Watching a bunch of movies. This is the perfect time to segway into "Tanner's up and coming movie trailerathon" brought to you by me and youtube.

Pan's Labrynth

Children of Men




More from NYE

I blame it on all the fun we were having, but pictures from NYE are hard to come by, and it seems like the majority of them all are blurry, washed out, or under exposed; but thankfully Gregandy and Bengela have salvaged a few from that sweaty night. Enjoy.

Greg who's kitty is this - i found it on your Flickr Account... Cuteness.
the rest can be viewed here:
Greg's Flickr
Angela's Kodak


Paper Cuts

I just recently stumbled on the A4 sized papercuts of Peter Callesen - and was blown away. The amount of detail, imagination and creativity that has gone into these tiny creations is astounding.
"The work exists in the gab between the recognizable everyday object and the fragile and spherical condition and material in which it appears. The whiteness, the ideal pure copy of something real as well as the vertical direction coherent in most of my paper works, could also indicate the aspect of something platonic or religious.

Most recent I have started to make white paper cuts/sculptures inspired by fairytales and romanticism exploring the relationship between two and three dimensionality, between image and reality. I find the materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form as an almost magic process - or maybe one could call it obvious magic, because the process is obvious and the figures still stick to their origin, without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is as well an aspect of something tragic in most of the cuts. " - PC


JC Penny's makes the Grade!

I woke up this morning to check my usual bloggy line-up, only to come face to face w/ my own sweet kitty JC! On that inimitable clearinghouse of cute, cuteoverload.com I have to say, this has to be one of my proudest moments, today i come as close to knowing what it is to be a proud papa, as i probably ever want too.

But the real star, is this cutie here:

um, dude, or whomever is responsible for this website, this may not be legal. I cannot deny that those cat-tootsies are adorable, but, really, it is WAAAAAAAy too cute. And those kitty-bedroom eyes.

That's just too much.

OMG - the closeupness of it all has made me lightheaded *shallow breaths*.
Terrific photography, far superior to that in any of the cat calendars out there today. Meg and Tanner will make beeeeelyuns! Of course JC Penney's flooftastic modelling will be key.
pink beanies, pink jellybeans! [kees dem now]

I'm struggling to type anything besides incoherent stupid baby talk.

Yay, kitteh toesies! I most teekle thim!!

Thanks everyone from CO, those comments are great
JC says "Yawwwwwn... *chirp*."

New Years photos and vid are below