Happy Valentines Day!

Yeah i know, what a shitter of a holiday, but not for me this year! This year i'm celebrating; and lovin it! I got to indulge my inner (and outer) romantic, by sending Roses, eating Chocolates, and very soon; going out to dinner with the lovely and talented Eva. And look! She knit me these sweet accessories! One set is for when i'm Blogging; wrist Warmers. The other is for when i'm Rocking, sweatbands! Soooo Kickass... i can't even begin to explain; Plus, a copy of Peter Bagge's Buddy does Seattle, who from what i'm told; was the Comic book guy in the 90's.
So anway, to all you lonely souls out there tonight; fuck it, who cares really; you're saving some money, and you've probably got better things to be doing anyway; this is just fodder for that novel; or a chance to finish up that box of wine you've been working on since 11:30 this morning. But as for me; well... adios suckers, i've got a date!And while i'm mentioning Comics; here's one done in Vermont by one of the girls that works at Waterfront, it's actually pretty damn good. Check out her site.


greg davis said...

i kiss wookies every day

The Le Duo said...

Greg, thats real funny, because according to James Kachalka Superstar 'wookie' is a clever euphemism for...well you know...lady parts


Animal Parade said...

for more on wookies, see my blog.

casey said...

I love that Waterfront girl's comic.

Wookies smell bad.

Speaking of wookies, there's a guy at Waterfront that Brooke and I call Vader. I think he's got some dark D&D powers, too.

The Le Duo said...

I'm glad everyone has learned to ignore my immature sex comments that embarrass me anyway. post on!


Tmoore said...

Oh, i think i know who you're talking about Casey; i used to play D&D with him at Quarterstaff; he was a.... hmm, Barbarian, i think or some sort of Evil dark Elf... i was a Half Elf sorceror, my familiar was a cat... Chaotic Neutral;

(/me pushes invisible heavy rimmed glasses up...)

Tmoore said...

what was that jb? did you say something ;D

casey said...

Tanner, you aren't shitting me, are you?

Man, if not, I made a pretty good generalization. Evil Dark Elf! Totally.

Score one for snap judgements and sterotypes.

JB: Despite my fondness for JKS, I never want to associate lady parts with wookies. That's why I passed.

Tmoore said...

Dead serious Casey... didn't you know i'm the worlds biggest closet dork. Exibit B: My deck of Magic: The Gathering Cards, with Anarchy symbol emblazed on it with burnt gunpowder...

Nice job on the stereotyping.

greg davis said...

tanner, i think we should recruit casey for our D&D club. im sure gahlord was into D&D. he is nerdy enough too.

Herb Van Der Sloot said...

i listen to NRBQ and sodomize my brother, Shanaynay. He is a member of a famous band. why do my post always disappear. is greg davis a communist, or am i just blushing and my own pubic hair.
Sloot. is a famous member of the Afrikaner elite who subdued the advances of the British in the Boer War. Thanks to Shananay, Gina, and Maartan himself, Bad Boy 2, The Orange Free State continues to thrive in Apartheid harmony.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is anyones else sick of that guy?

whatever he calls himself

Katie 80 said...

Howdy, this is "Waterfront girl." I'm glad some of you folks like my comic :)

Out of curiosity, is this "Vader"? http://staticfree.info/~katiebear/WaterfrontVideo/Scott.jpg

Brian said...

hey anonymous. Fuck You! Let's fight. I challenge anonymous to a fist fight tonite outside of nectars. 930 PM. Be there!

Tmoore said...

yep! that's Vader alright - hey Scott! sorry i couldn't keep play, it just didn't fit into my schedual, plus i didn't really like our DM, a little to "By the book" ;)