Fun w/ Airports / NM @ M(g)N

I got to get out of work today to go pick Todd up at the Airport, i was waiting around for a while listening to Yeti, when i noticed the guys with the signs that say like "Bob Jones" or whatever on them, and then i was like... i'll make a sign, for Todd! and i did, and stood next to them, they both looked over at me, and then at the sign, and sort of sneered, and i just gave them a "Hey fuck you, i'm workin' here" look and Bopped my head to Eye Shaking King; some people laughed, and i'd just looked right at them straight faced like... "Do you think my Job is funny to you? Am i clown? do i make you laugh?" and then they'd sort of rethink it for a second and stop laughing. Adorable. That one was called "Fun while waiting at the Airport"

What a good time i had last night; and it felt like we were on for the most part; But i was smashed so what do i know. We could have definatly stretched out the set, but ending it when we did was just as good; short and sweet... At work today we listened to the new (old) stuff; Got alot of compliments, and "what this?" questions, to which i replied... "Oh this... this is my band, we fucking rule." No... i didn't say that, i thought that, though. Cause we do...

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The Le Duo said...

Ben is really photogenic. He looks like a rock god. also, great show and photos.