Do and Don't

DO: Listen to Stereolab's Dots and Loops while multi-tasking, you will get everything done, and done well.

DON'T: Ever eat a "Mama Celeste" Mini Pizza, at least when it's been cooked in the microwave at Pure Pop... half of it was nuked, the other half was cold; i ate the whole thing w/ maple sausages and now i'm gonna go hurl.

DO: Eat Stonyfield Farms maple Yogurt. YUM!The Bovine Bugle
(My friend John's Organic Farm blog in Highgate/Franklin)


Tmoore said...

do: get a job that you can blog from.

The Le Duo said...

tan, where abouts is this farm? any relation to Brenna?


Tmoore said...

yeah probably relations, everyone is related in franklin county, plus everyone is a Gates like John; he's Jamie's Uncle... Debby's sister's husband. got that? he switch to all organic 10 years ago and i somehow stumbled onto his blog.

Anonymous said...

mama c. 'za is NARSTY!
but mandy would probably disagree.

Anonymous said...

Herb Van Der Sloot is a sex offender. He killed Natalee Holloway during the filming of the Breakfast Club.

--Herb Van Der Sloot

Animal Parade said...

dude i love me some mama celeste (not that i've had one in probably 4 years, thanks to gd)

isn't it funny that greg comments on your blog more frequently than he sends me e-mails?

"what's the deal?"