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Tonight was a good time - that's alot for me to say; as most my friends know; playing live is my least favorite thing in the world. But tonight went well; i've got a new method to dealing with my anxiety; it's called Denial... basically everytime i start to think about playing; i just tell my brain; you arn't playing, so stop thinking about it. and then my brain says "Righty-O chap" and chills the fuck out for a while; i find that the more free beer and wiskey i feel it, the more it listens to my sage like advice. I hardly knew we were even starting to play till we actually were, then my brain was already engaged so it couldn't sabotage me.

Know your enemy someone said once; I think i'm starting to know myself quite well, thank you. Posted by Picasa


casey said...


Brooke and I fell asleep. Lately I've been bushed by 8 p.m. — no idea why.

Can we come over for a private show that isn't at 1:00 a.m.on a school night? Can I get a copy of the discs still?

I've come to feel that playing live is hardly worth the trouble, even if it all goes correctly.

You're a real trooper!

michelle said...

now that there is a vague possibility of us "playing a show", i'm really nervous. when you guys were 'sound-checking' or whatever, angela and i were discussing how we would feel if it was home items up there. angela said she could feel throw-up inching up her esophagus just thinking about it. i agreed.

so basically, nice one. you all sounded so great; please keep up the awesome work! and know that the seamonsters love you guys so much.

there was a point last night where i looked over at you and you had the biggest smile on your face. and so did everyone making noises in the front row (unless they were totally enraptured by their chosen percussion pieces). i loved it. yeah!

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greg davis said...

awesome set last night.
short and totally sweet. just right.
droney and rockin. you all sounded great. especially after ben plugged in his guitar. brian is a great addition. too bad i couldnt hear marnie at all. she was sawing away lovely on one note the whole time like tony conrad. she needs a pickup and some distortion. yeah! good work boys. i still dont have a single one of your cds.

and as for performing live, its get easier and easier. one of the things that helped me get over nerves was that my guitar teacher in college told me there is no such thing as a mistake or a wrong note. and of course all of my zen shit helps too.....

casey said...

Or maybe they're ALL wrong notes!

Tmoore said...

and thus, the conundrum of the absolute.

Hey Casey; wish you could have made it; but i have a couple CD's for you to listen to and review; there might be a Jefferson or two inside the cases... or their might not be.

casey said...

I fucking fell asleep! Fuck me.

Is Jefferson some kind of doper slang?

Who's goin' where tonight?

Tmoore said...

if you don't know i ain't tellin ya; i'm not goin' anywhere,i got a date with Eva and a cracklin' fire; but i think everyone else is going to either pearls or hetro gnome.

casey said...

Tanner... You at PP tomorrrow? I could swing by and grab NM discs.

gd, if you're reading:

DL'd the new disc. Already my top release for '06, so far. It's a really well rounded and delicious album.