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Now do you - Googlism

Scary Hu?

Last night was the first (?) annual devil's night party at the Greendoor studios, and did it ever live up to its name. Everyone involved must have put so much time into getting everything right - Carved and mutilated pumpkins, lights, and projectors casting massive ominious (DIY) images, an entire menagerie of bizzarre hand created creatures and monstrosities, some created by Andrea were especially gruesome, one entitled "Power source" was essentially a naked man on his back w/ his groin and bowel ripped open and all sorts of strange biomechanical mess shooting out and wrapping around his arms and near by objects - there was also some sort of giant grizzled insectoid arm that ended in a real blooded powersaw that had aparently just been flaying a man lengthwise up his spine... his exposed intestines, i think they were made out of clown balloons.

The crowd was great and having fun, the usual greendoor cohorts, and then a bunch of people i'd never met before - The music set a perfect mood, Ben was playing some nice nice echoey dub, and that slowly segwayed into "Negative Creep" by nirvana, which along w/ whatever was in the punch caused me to temporarily go back in time to the 7th grade, when my old friend and eventual fellow arrestee, Chis "Eric" Beaderstadt, called me up saying "Hey i'm coming over, i got Bleach!" and i was like, cool we're gonna bleach our hair!" But, it wasn't that bleach... which is good, cause at the time i didn't know how exactly one bleached their hair, i just assumed you pored it all over your head.

Anyway, After a while of that, the dance party started, w/ shawn throwing some old school records down (Which reminds me, did you know John Lennon coined the term "old school"? Ask Ben H. about it...)

There were two acts i believe schedualed for the night, Todd and Ben's project called simply "Pink Bacon" (hmmm....) and Matty's Pseudo Hip hop experiment "Hariett Tubman Overdrive" featuring me, DJ Gay Rabies, on production. I spent most last week putting together 4-5 backing tracks, but was only mildly disapointed when Matty decided he wasn't prepaired to perform - Pink Bacon went on with aplomb and abomb. I won't go into superlatives, but imagine what two ex-nesters can do w/ delayedfuckedupkeysandvoicewhiledrunkandstoned It was pleasant. The whole night was pleasant really.

If anyone out there got pictures, (i'm looking at you angela) send some over so i can post them up.


Let them eat -

Eva and I went and saw Marie Antoinette tonight; Sophia Coppola's newest mood piece. I think both of us were feeling a little apprehensive, and not just because the film had been receiving such mixed reviews. Regardless, i had my hopes - I'm a fan of both her previous films, i thought they were both very.... effective, i guess is the word. If film at its most basic is a way to convey a sentiment, and a film makers job is to deliver that message in a unique way - than i almost imagine Coppola as some sort of idiot savant deaf mute, trying to convey feelings of loneliness and isolation, and succeeding in spite of herself, more so, because of herself.

All her films have these muted characters, barely there - or at least, barely with us, they're usually somewhere inside of themselves and the same goes with the characters in Marie Antoinette - For the most part i could have cared less about the characters, about any of Coppola's characters really... except maybe bill Murray, but he was an anomaly in her universe.

But that doesn't matter to me in her films, what matters to me is the scenery, and the music; the barely there thread of melancholy and loneliness, wist fullness and desperation, that lace her films together like so much frivolous ribbon. In Marie Antoinette i was completely captivated by world of Versailles, not for its characters, but for it's cake. Giant mountains of candy and luxury, so amazingly depicted, i couldn't tell which was which - it all rolled together in this sumptuous gluttony.

Much is being said about how much liberty is taken w/ the story, the use of American accents, and modern usages - well, I'm all for historical inaccuracy, (since i don't believe in any sort of objective historical accuracy anyway, and would rather hear a good story...)

Ebert said this about the film, and (yes, I'm quoting Ebert, shut the fuck up.)
"Coppola has been criticized in some circles for her use of a contemporary pop overlay -- hit songs, incongruous dialogue, jarring intrusions of the Now upon the Then. But no one ever lives as Then; it is always Now." (the rest) i have to say i found the accents and incongruencies to be delightfully decadent at times, and the rest of the time, downright boring.

I had a similar experience watching Antoinette and i did "stranger than paradise" when i was 19... after watching it i sat there, and thought to myself... that moving was fucking boring... what the fuck was the point of that. A few days later it occurred to me, that perhaps that was the directors intention, perhaps it was essential to convey the banality of those characters existence, their own ennui - by showing you just how uneventful their lives really were. I can imagine Jarmuch doing this... while I'm not going to call Coppola a Jarmuch (though their are alot of qualities about their films i find congruous...)
- while it seems like jarmuch has a much firmer hand on his films - i do wonder if Copolla is trying bore me and numb me, so that i can feel how she does, or rather, how her Marie Antoinette, or her Virgins, or her Scarlet, feels. If that is the case, i say bravo, because she does so while offering some amazingly evocative scenery w/ a pitch perfect score...

All month I've been listening to two albums, Disintegration and Power Corruption and Lies, The Cure and New Order respectively, and i have to say i almost cried when, at two very emotive moments in the film songs by these bands flooded into the room... (I doubt I'll ever hear "plainsong" used more fittingly) I couldn't have thought of more perfect music to fit the moods of these characters, and that also makes me wonder if my enjoyment of Coppola's films are merely serendipitous, that it seems I've always gone to watch her films either alone or while feeling alone, that it was raining and cold when i saw Lost in Translation by myself, or that tonight while Eva was sitting right next to me, she could have been sitting on the moon...

and that i also happen to be somehow listening to the same artists... perhaps we're soul mates, or more likely we just happen to share similar tastes, us and probably 100 million other lonely Cure / New order fans....


In the end I'd say that I'm of two minds with Antoinette, in many different ways - and that i feel the same about all of Coppola's films. On one side, i think she has vision, and can convey that vision in a very indirect almost discreet, or perhaps weak way, that - by that very nature makes me look harder and allow myself to be more sensitive for. I have to keep myself from digging for character development or narrative progression and just let her films wash over me the way i imagine she imagines her characters viewing their own lives... all stoned sunrises, and icey detactment.

On the other hand... if you cannot meet these requirements, than her films fail, they lack characters that matter, or dialog that interacts. They are essentially extended music videos, but even the videos to Du Hast or Paranoid Android have more of an Arch than most her films.

So I go back to the deaf mute analogy, while some people see Coppola waving her arms around and gesticulating, and she makes these "urrrggggg mmmmprrrrarrrrrr" sounds - and they say "I don't get it... what's she trying to say."

And then some look and think... "wow, can you feel the despair in the tone of her voice, look at
how white her knuckles are... so lonely, so... "

Oh yeah, and Steve Coogan is in it.


A picture aday.

So we've all seen somewhere one of those "1 picture a day for 6 years" concepts, either on Youtube or in book form, my first time was a few years ago over at my friends Adam and Rachelle's. They had a little art book that had a couple who took pictures of themselves over the course of a few years i think, it was interesting to see the way people slowly change.

Since then i've noticed it's become something of an underground phenomenon, especially with the Youtube crowd, now it's sort of lost it's novelty, not that it had a whole lot to begin with, i mean yeah, you grow a mustache, you grow a goatee, you get a black eye, you cut your hair, you wear suspenders for a few pictures, ok i get it...

It was about time for something like this to happen:


DJJD has left the Burlington

I picked up a copy of Ryan's new album the otherday sitting unassuming on the shelf @ Pure Pop. Having been blown away by his last effort Loventropy and feeling the need recently for more of his sound, a sort of a slow strummed blanket of missed connections and uncertainty.

When i got home, i got in a comfortable place, and hit play:

Immediately it struck me that this was not Loventropy -there's a bit of lush there in this opening track, synth strings, but this time there's a pronounced electronic element, an almost frantic gurgling and bleeping, Ryan starts crooning about ghosts looking for families, and dueting with himself, pitch shifted to a chipmunk, his voice drops out and we're left with the pulsing and minor keyed strings almost not enough, almost - when it seems like the song is over, a conversation starts between two voices - eventually as the electronics fade away leaving an ominous plinking piano the deep voice of DJJD turns his attention to us the listener:

"welcome to judgement day, this is DJJD, this is not a Scifi joke, this is the beginning of the the end of the beginning of the beginning of the the end..."

And in drops the sick, almost "disgusting" beat, electro drums stumble all around and an almost mocking voice asks repeatedly either, "understanding" or understand me" i can't tell... this is so strange, but it gets better.

he goes on to ask what gives life meaning, and so on... by this point i'm little disturbed, and more than a little loving it. As the electronically altered voice of DJJD fades out, a smooth electro-lounge beat fades in and here we are, back in prime RP territory, albeit, DJJD's Ryan power, gone are the lush strumming guitars, replaced with some sort of vocal sample that sounded like a digeri doo, and rolling waves of slinky lounge organ - The song has something to do with his battle with an Amphibian, as one point stating plainly,

"I could not break his neck, the scales were to strong for me..."

eventually one of his friends is blown apart due to the pressure of a decompression chamber; does this seem silly to you? are you laughing? because i wasn't - at no point during any of these songs did i laugh, i smiled nervously to myself, once or twice - but at no point did it seem that Ryan wasn't more than completely aware of what he was doing to me.

" grab the scalpel take us out of the formaldehyde, and let the dissection begin."

These songs are unbelievably self aware, obvious analogies to the pressures of love, residence, life, whatever - and where most shit eating folkies write verse after verse of the same self conscious drivel, here's someone taking all his voices, and turning them into some sort of bizarre psycho-sensual-scifi-electro-lounge kick in the balls.

"generally i don't like it when people talk over music like this...."

"go on"

"but it's the middle of February, and i feel, a little crazy..."

These voices float in and out, perhaps Ryan's inner monologue - i don't pretend to know, but one particular track talks about a relationship he was in over the last winter, and a girl he had met and who was messing with his emotions. This track is almost word for word a conversation Todd and I had w/ him one night last winter while drinking together at the Sin*a*gog... The more i listen the more this album strikes me as an unnervingly personal struggle Ryan somehow captured on tape.

"I'll hold your hair when you're puking, my dear,
I'll rub your back and clean it up."

There's nothing on JD - that comes as close to the warmth of Loventropy - and for the better, these tracks are Ryan dropping some of the veil of niceness, and giving a bit of a look into his confusion and anger. And it's also beautiful, the things he does with his voice are amazing, at times its so fragile and broken, and other times you'd swear he had Timberlake locked in the closet, not to mention his sense of melody and phrasing are meticulous, - completely unique.

"we have left the honeymoon suite and payperview porn is come to an end..."

And the instrumentation... at times lumbering synth beasts, tripping and falling over itself to die, other time smooth as synthetic motor oil electro lounge funk with over the top falsettos, backing vocals by a cast of Ryan's various personalities, complete with sexy little guitar licks and base runs - all the while, completely he's completely aware of what he's doing, not once in all this unsettling self exploration did i get the impression that this was traveling down the path of self consuming indulugence, every track feels like part of the whole, has some sort of catch to it, a rhythm or theme, a melodic hook, or simple little phrase. and not once does he let loose the reigns. I get the impression that this album was anguished over, in more ways than one.

I'd recommend picking up a copy, its 5 bucks and the best local album you'll pick up this year. But i guess, only if you enjoy a rewarding challenge - and being made to feel strangely awkward. Defiantly one of the best albums I've heard this year, period, and a perfect compliment to Loventropy. Can i also mention I'm more than a little stoned out on head cold medicine, and that yes, i know i changed tense about 20 times...

You can download the whole album on his website

but I'd recommend buying it.


A quick Jaunt...

Through the year...

The winter sucks party: new apartment, long winter;
late night drunkboy dance party, Eva came over for one
of the first times, blew a fuse on todd's stereo...

Got my stereo ripped off, concidered it Karma for
hurting Adrienne...

have you heard this story?

Pretty self explainitory really; Scotty how's your
little one these days? must be big and strong
w/ all that man milk you've been feeding him...

drinking at at the airport lounge w/ 3 total dudes.



This is... new years day? i think... why do i hate
New Years Day so much? Oh yeah...
it's because now that the holidays
are over - all there is left now is the yawning
black whole of endless winter...

Swami Tanner

fan base

Emily is a picture hog i've realized,
and you can't accuse me of just taking
alot of pictures of her since most of the time
i wasn't the one w/ the camera...

This one worked out really well...
Brian plays the broken hearted neon blues

Out of so many of our shows w/ NM,
One of my favorite shows was the one at
Landon Street Cafe, i can't say why exactly
maybe because it was snowing really bad
and the rides there and back were dangerous,
especially w/ me and Todd High and rocking
out to CCR...
There was something about what we were
playing around that point i was enjoying
during this show i played the bass a bit,
processing it through my Korg.

This baby doll was sitting on top of the gas pump
it appeared to be suffering from Cleft Pallete.

Ben, obsuring the light.

Me in the wood

Nature's geometry

I'll remember this day for a long time... Eva and I
took a day trip here, just to poke around and catch
a flick. Eva makes the most mundane events little

Setting Sun in Vermont

JB and Eva, getting to know each other...

Sewing my pants, i gave up on that pair a while ago...
i couldn't do much more for them, but i got them to
stablize though. There's only a small hole in the crotch
now, once i patch it up... they should be good for another

Pure Poppers in their natural habitat
notice the look the C. Miller is giving me, this is how
they comunicate their distaste for picture taking.



Gooooooombaaaaaaa!!!! WAP!

... hippes.

Bengela cutting rug.

guess who...

winter time... there's something about it that
makes for some really great shows.

What's not on Eva's mind....

that's me....

Narthex RIP.

you too hitler...

Graveyard behind my grandparents house,
it was really windy, cold that day... i think it
was easter.

miss you already


How was your day?

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Everyone is going out, picking apples, driving way to slow, endangering people in traffic while gawking at folliage, wearing colorfull layers of red and brown and orange and green, drinking ginger infused hot cider like it was the elixor of life, eating all things spiced, mulled, baked and pickled - sitting out in the fading light, bundled against the chill, smoking cigarettes and talking of a year past and the long winter ahead - and yeah, i'm one of them.

I baked my first apple pie this week, i've had a hand in a few in the past, but this one was all me, i went into it with a critics eye; apple pie has never been my #1 pie, i've always had a few criticisms of apple pie, mostly that they were too sweet, and too mushy. The two things about apples i like the most is that they're crisp and tart, so i wanted to make sure those qualities survived the pie-ification process - so i reduced the amount of sugar i used, and mostly used brown sugar when i did use it, (organic, if anyone cares... i don't particularly.)The Apples i used were Empires, which were very crisp, and a tartness that falls somewhere between a granny smith and a macintosh, good eatin apples, but not bad for baking either.
For the crust i used vegi shortening, combined with a bit of butter... i'm a butter boy, there's nothing that butter and maple surup can't make better, unless it's diabetes or heart disease. Flour, a bit of salt, icewater, simple really... i decided on one bottom crust - and a special top.

I was raised on maple... there's nothing it can't be used in, and in this case i used it to make my top crust, a oatmeal maple pecan crust; about 1 1/2 cup of crushed pecans, 1/2 cup of maple surup, 1/4 brown sugar, 1 1/2 cups oatmeal 3 tbsp of butter (oh yeah...) all hand mixed and layered over the apple filling.

Bake at 375 for... i don't remember, maybe 1 1/2 hours. Yum... the apples still have a bit of crispness, and their tartness is still there, but with added woodiness of cinamon, nutmeg, and allspice... compliments the crispy sweet chewiness of the top crust and buttery flakeyness of the bottom...

Pie Blog eat your heart out ;D

The rest of the weekend was wonderfull as well, lots of sunlight and relaxation - my first sitting instruction at the shambhala center saturday morning, lunch and park bench sitting with JB and Mike, apple picking, trespassing, and The Cos, w/ Eva and Margot. what more could a boy want?