@ Pure Pop, by Jason Cooley;
apparently someone will never work for parks and rec again.

Aparently has something to do with idiot Mayoral Candidate Loyal Ploof
thanks Greg.

I'm trying to get a podcast going but i can't find a good place to host the file, i found some crappy site called garageband and they aparently host podcasts, so here is a link to it; this is mostly for test purposes though; if anyone subscribes to podcasts; let me know if this thing shows up. Also can someone tell me if it's possible to upload album art to my ipod after i've already uploaded the music?


greg davis said...

i think loyal ploof has been distributing those cards.

Anonymous said...

album art can be dragged onto files onto your ipod, when its in itunes..however its beter to get it embedded in the mp3s on your computer so that if you were to take those files off your ipod the art would still be there when you put them back on.

Tmoore said...

really... well, that's cool - seems like works sometimes, cause i can see the album artwork in itunes, but when i use the ipod, it doesn't always show up. i'll figure it out... hey i just put "trapped in the closet 1-12" on. awesome!

Clayton said...

Loyal Ploof is my cousin.

casey said...

Only in this state can a fella be named Loyal Ploof.