Cutest Window in Burlington

There's been much debate in the community as to who has the cutest Window/hanging plant combo in Burlington, well - I'm here to set things straight. The Obvious and hands down winner of this prestegious award goes to none other than Ben Hedstrom and Angela McGregor of that house on South Union. Congratulations you crazy kids, you earned it!

Speaking of earning it; in the last two days I've listened to the new albums by The Flaming Lips and The Arctic Monkeys, and all I can say is... What the F, is up with that. My passport picture is more original than that, fucking Dug Nap! For Christ sakes, is more original than that! Ok, ok... Actually, the Flaming Lips could be cool; I'll be giving it more scrutiny soon enough, my first listen made me think "Prince was gunned down by ruthless Detroit drug traffickers, but was saved by his heart of gold rookie cop sidekick and with the aid of modern science and corporate interests has returned as some sort of psychedelic disco-bot." (that actually, sounds like it'd be cool, but it wasn't that cool actually.)

However! It only took me one listen to the arctic poop slingers to cause me to unconsciously write on my hand "arctic monkeys suck." God. Franz F'in Ferdinand is better than these guys. How are they #1 in England right now; I dunno. It's the same godam thing over and over again, stabby guitars, yelling vocals, near-emo passion, w/ that ironic indie-rock twist; Christ - If you wanna fun rockin modern album with little filler and lot's of killer, than maybe check out The Exploding Hearts, at least they died rocking and rolling; that's pretty cool right?

Finally, Nest Material. Will be releasing it's first full length within the next two weeks, entitled "Metaphysical Graffiti" Details are hard to come by but I was able to get my hands on the B-Side to the Second single, entitled "7r@mpl3d uNd3r F007"



The Le Duo said...

all you have to do is create a 'buzz' on the internet or whatever and then any shity half cocked fuckin indie emo slop bucket of james blunt crapola becomes the coolest thing ever. nm rules

Anonymous said...

Train, Tanner, motherfucking train!


Tmoore said...


Anonymous said...

man an article about t-rex and marc bolan and it doesnt mention devendra! hahah

Anonymous said...

a couple days ago, there was an article in the ny times about how the arctic monkeys are the hottest new thing. today there's one about belle and seb. huh. i agree with le duo.

p.s. no, TRAIN! just TRAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

boys with carnations are too cute...

casey said...

Man I fucking hate the Flaming Lips. Fuck them. I feel like the only one who saw them for what they truly were all those years ago.

Hippie pied pipers. They aren't fit to wash Beefheart's undies.

DEVENDRA! Now there's a fucking beard, right?

The Le Duo said...

tanner- that re-re-edit of tramp under foot is awesome.