Don Juan, at your service.

I recently came into possession of some old love letters i gave to my first girlfriend Carie in the 9th grade; in fact, it wasn't just a few, there were two whole shoe boxes filled with letters i had sent, She was nice enough to save all of them, and gave me these two for safe keeping; I'm not going to get into details, i think they're pretty self explanitory...

Take a look at this one
this is probably the geekiest love letter EVER. And, perhaps the cutiest. I actually wrote, a computer program, for my girlfriend, cause as we all know, writing an Executable program, is HOT! I even drew out the little A and C drive icons... and ended it with "If you don't understand, i'll call you later."
What a stud.

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razmarie said...

Dude. Seriously, this is the CUTEST thing I've seen EVER. You loved her. Can't wait to see more of your blog. I'll be checking in on a regular basis!