Fresh Sun and Snow.

Welcome to Friday morning (afternoon.) at the Sin*a*Gog, the best morning of the week... Neither me or Todd have to work till tommorrow (this is our sunday) and we usually spend the morning poking around in our long johns, sending emails, listening to whatever we've dug up over the week (currently Sleep), figuring out what we've been putting off doing all week and that we need to do (later.)

Today it looks like Laundry and "the shooping". Two of my favorite "chores" - Laundry is great; it's such a bizarre place to spend an hour or two; i usually bring a real heady book and my headphones and just pretend to read while i watch people... The last time i was there (two weeks ago... sheesh.) i was suddenly aware that i was watching this couple, the dude was like 3.5 feet tall and as skinny as me; and his girlfriend was like 500 lbs and 6'8; he was bawling her out about throwing away his orange soda (sunkist) and she was being all apologetic and fearfull; "I didn't know... i thought someone just left it..." - I felt bad for her; something tells me she had to put up with that little napoleon fucker all the time; I put my headphones back on; I'd rather listen to Madonna than this real-life Jerry Springer shit... well, actually no... but i dig this new madonna.

Then i noticed that Dolly Parton was all over the TVs that ran along the ceiling; what a strange looking woman; she must look like an alien when all the make-up is off; but i hear she's a sweetheart... reminded me that when i was a boy i found this strange cardboard cutout picture of dolly wearing a tied around flannel shirt and daisy dukes sitting on a hay bale; i hid it at my grandparents house and whenever i'd go over i'd pull it out and sneak a long look at them, er it.

So Madonna was blasted out "Everything little thing that you say or do, i'm hung up, i'm hung up on you-oo-woo... time goes by, so slowly..." While godzilla was getting verbally beat down by Mini-Me, and 6 different Dolly Partons were silently mouthing me secrets i'd never hear, and i started fantasizing... Fantasizing that i jumped up and ran over all gene Kelley style, interupting their arguement, placed one hand on her shoulder, causing her to look, then realize and then POW! boot that little fucker in the junk; We shake hands emphatically; Then we share a little laugh together and taking her hand we procede to have an epic coreographed dance with the laundry Carts and each other, a Chorus of Dolly Partons Crying out "Can't we get together, i really, i really want to be with you... Comon check it out now..."


I like doing the shopping as well... We're living in Babylon, and nothing says that so much as the unafordable abundance that is Price Chopper. Grapple anyone?

There really is nothing better than a day of little concequence spread out before you. And Tonight; dinner with Ms. Eva; either out or as prepaired by yours truely. Time to put some pants on.

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casey said...

We saw Dolly on the tube last night, and made very much the same comment.

And why the hell are you in USA Today?

The Le Duo said...

You truly are the king. Who knew Tanner whould be giving out medical advice like a skinny Dr. Phil. Can I be your Oprah?