O.P.P. yeah, you know me. pt 2.

Why do I love to blog? Probably because I'm a voyeur; I love to watch people that fascinate me, how their minds work and how my own does as well. I often feel as much an observer of my own thoughts and actions as I do of others. Blogging when it's good, gives me the opportunity to be the fly on the wall of other people lives, if only a small portion; and generally that portion is one that is prepared and treated for public consumption. I'm guilty of it myself; especially now that Highgate is more frequently viewed I have to fight the impulse to edit out certain things, feelings and thoughts, some of which I'm glad have remained omitted, other things I make mental notes not to censor next time; For the most part though what's on my mind or what's interesting to me, get in here...

Sometimes I feel bad though, like for example that dude who, probably got fired for drinking to much on the job, who has a long commute and a car that needs a new starter, he became entertainment for me; just like that. It's a fine line between information and exploitation...

Though to be fair; one way I try to look at it is like this: That event is one persons private pain, and as long as he can remain anonymous to us, we can consider his situation in an abstract sense and revel in it's inherent humanity; and in our own. Who hasn't lost a job for a stupid reason, been shit out of luck, or just down in the dumps... Those are times, like with a sad song, I need some sympathy, or just some company... And though he probably will never know it, he has my sympathy.


I've been having a torrid grammar-love affair with the semi-colon; these guys are the best, I never have to end a sentence ever!



North Korea said...

your breath smells like peanut butter and your cock tastes like Intro to Creative Writing at UVM with a newly minted graduate student instructor who finds a new way to tell her teenaged class everyday that she is a lesbian. She is a fan of Dar Williams and she knows how to sew.

michelle said...

i love semicolons too

El Bastardo said...


angela said...

i enjoy sophisticated sentence structure myself. it's all about semi colons and these guys--...--. i'm a big fan of those guys.

greg davis said...

... <-- i love those guys too.