Decades Blur

precious... Ok, quick note and question; my new years resolution was to listen to more hip-hop, since then I've listened to quite a bit; I gotta say; Hip-Hop has this effect; I'm sure on most people, that is just down right empowering; walking down the street with headphones on with my brain bouncing to some heavy shit, with some dood spoutin off about killin people (lyrically...) and hustlin' bitches (lyrically?) and what have you, it really nurtures my inner gangsta; someone that doesn't get nearly enough attention, and in this day and age; one can't afford to listen to sad-bastard music all day long; don't worry I still wear a scarf and lots of buttons...

I've been given a few pointers, most of them terrible... I'm sorry no matter how much I try there's nothing Biggy is going to say to me that I haven't already heard, I've had my ears to the street (dirt road.) since 1981; nothing Biggy says is new's to this hard, pipe hittin nigga'. (accidently jabs thumb into own eye.)

Biggy Sample Lyric:

"I got seven mack 11Â’s, about eight 38Â’s
Nine 9Â’s, ten mack tens, the shits never ends
You canÂ’t touch my riches
Even if you had mc hammer and them 357 bitches
Biggie smalls; the millionare, the mansion, the yacht
The two weed spots, the two hot glocks
ThatÂ’s how I got the weed spot
I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the lamb spread
Little gotti got the shotty to your body
So donÂ’t resist, or you might miss christmas"

Nigga, Pol-eese. Diareah's got more flow than you.

Anway; What i do like so far... Is Cannibal Ox; and anything by Kool Keith... and alot of various old school stuff; Aafrika Bambatta, etc. Pretty much any Electro is good too... So, if anyone's got any suggestions let me know. Also, check out this anti software piracy public service announcement from 1992 i think, it's a little long but it loads quick, streams even; and it's called "Don't Copy that Floppy"... now that's spittin! This is gonna be in my thesis on how the 80's never ended, and in fact the 90's are the 80's and right now we're actually in 1972.

"What i'm listening to right now? "Pulsewidth on Aphex Twins selected Ambient Works 85-92" totally killer. earlier on the turntable, was the Mighty Lemon Drops; a random grab from work that is actually pretty damn good; think Echo + bunnymen.

Eva brought me coffee, flowers, a scone and fruit leathers this morning... a little "Get up, get ready for the day!" note, and kisses between words of encouragement... *sigh* *flutter* (my inner gansta is wretching... whatever, fuck that guy.)


mshel said...

i wish we were in 1967 right now.

Black People said...

Why do you hate black people?

MC Tanner's Mom said...

Tanner, tanner, tanner. It's as much about the delivery as the content.

Does Annie tell you something you don't allready know? What's more, what musician actually does? (Johnny Azer being the exception that proves the rule.)

Also, if you think the singular appeal of hip-hop is to nurse one's inner gangster, you need to nurse your fucking head.

"Foolish inconsitencies are the Hobgoblin of little minds."

Tmoore said...

Did i say "Singular?" nope... doesn't look like i did; Herb, you should post under your own name; it'd make you look less like a douchebag.

greg davis said...

i wish it was 1969 and i was at the fillmore west dancing to the grateful dead.

tanner, you should check out the MF doom stuff. and the madlib / quasimoto stuff. thats some of the best recent hiphop ive heard. as for older stuff, pre-1995, youll just have to come over and check my collection. there's tons and tons of good stuff from the golden age.

Bizarro Tanner said...

You didn't say "singular" because you'd never heard it until you saw my post and had to look it up. You just implied it, or maybe your just guilty of careless oversimplification.

Tmoore said...

the only thing i'm guilty of is being to dry with my self deprication...

Aparently i should have titled my post "Hey, look at me, i'm a hick from Vermont, who feels awkward that he knows so little about hiphop; but who does know enough to insult an obviously god-like hip hop icon, in order to provide a laugh at his own expense."

So, nigga, step off. I got me 2000 Uzi's, don't make me Use deez.

Tanner on Tanner said...