Electric Wizard: Dopethrone

For not being a Pot Smoker, it would seem odd to me that this Album is one I keep going back to when I just wanna throw on the headphones and blow away all other thoughts. I mean look at the album cover, that's Satan smoking a Bong, that's fucking cool right? Electric Wizard? That's a fucking cool band name. We should change Nest Material to Electric Material, or maybe Nest Wizard, or maybe Electric Wizard 2! This album is so godam heavy I can't tell if my speakers are supposed to be making the sounds they are, and my headphones buzz and crackle like their made of tin foil. These guys are like Sabbath +100. Plus they have lyrics about Lovecraftian demons and what have you... check it out:

From ancient Yuggoth, black rays emit
Evils narcotic cyclopean pits
In dark babelian towers await
Lie dreaming until the time will awake

What man has seen unknown Kadath
Whose dreamy angles, confused and trapped
Beyond the frozen waste you will find
Hyperborean continent entombed from time

This is some heavy shit, there's no denying it.


Scotty and his little black baby

Scotty loves his little black baby he tells me "My little black baby has a little penis, a ballsack with two nuts, and an anus that is red." Congratulations Scotty, the best of luck to your new family.

The insanity of late

Ok, not really that insane, but for little ol' me who tends like his quiet time, things have been getting what can seem a little Katrina up in this bitch. I call it hurricane Scotty, it's a warm, friendly, entertaining Hurricane, though so I don't really mind. What I have discovered is my inner (I just heard Scotty randomly say "boner Juice, double whip-cream juice cream, that or I can nut on your face...) - my inner matron, or something close to that, my inner matron is probably something a bit closer to this, or this maybe. I'm constantly looking around the last few days and thinking, did I water the plants, are the records out of order, does he need a plate, I should do those dishes, the carpet is out of position, we need to get a vacuum cleaner, does that look good on the wall there, luckily though, I haven't put down any drink coasters for people yet, when that happens I hope someone here will promptly slap me in the face.
I have to say though that I'm loving having my own place again, and this time, it's really is my own place, for the last five years I've either been moving in with someone or someones who've already been living there, or crashing on couches, or living in a place that's too small to decorate, ie, my truck; I gotta say I'm also dreading next months bills, with all there turn on fees and unpredictability; I can't tell if Master Blaster is efficient or just fickle. I'm not altogether worried, a little concerned, it'll work itself out, Todd and I are two mature, responsible adult, right?
on another note, check this out; what a jerk the photographer is; but don't tell me your not gonna laugh your ass off anyway. click this picture for the whole story.


Calling Angela McGregor

Todd sarah and i are eating dinner, todds eating spagetti O's and grilled cheese, sarah ate grilled cheese dipped in Shalamar Green sauce (i think it's mint) and i went for round two with last nights chicken mango curry, (i win!) Anyway, this post is specifically taylored for you angela, Aka MC Big-G. Here is your link, especially formulated for maximum Angela Viewing Pleasure.
Update: Also check this one out, it's sorta like Hot or Not, but with Kittens (this has Casey Rea Written all over it.)


Happy Holidays / Burlington Ex-Pat Thread

Alright I'm gonna be heading up to my family's for an evening and a day, gonna hang out with JB and Kyle up in the Franklin Co. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, the rest of this post is an open thread to all those people who are permanent or temporary Burlington expats, you know who you are, Ben, Mandy, Angela, Sarah, Todd, Greg, Adam, Rachel, etc etc. This is for you all to leave a few comments, let us know what you've been doing, and how you are, and how much you miss us all. Be safe everyone.


Juz Gays

So later after JB's movie night, which was a very interesting if not especially great sci-fi blaxploitation jazzumentary, featuring Sun Ra called Space is the Place, i went out to get a drink with my old friends Katie and Tatiana, both of which i havn't actually spent anytime with in oh, two years; it was alot of fun! Katie and i shot the shit at the OP for a half an hour, talked about school, life, parents, the whole nine yards, she's a good talker, good listener as well; then tat came around and we bought a bottle of wine and drank half of it at Tatiana's apartment over on Peru St. It looked almost exactly like the one i lived in with Tatiana and Lyndsay five years ago! They had a board on their wall with two catagories one "Shit list" and the other "Dead to me" and they had one name in both, shit listed was "Project runway" and dead was "Johnny Damon" whatever that means.
Anyshit, Herb's band the Jazz Guys were playing at metrognome and since i'm a bad friend and havn't gone to one of his shows since fucking august or something, we all headed down to the gnome. What a great time that was too, i usually don't like live concerts that are all packed in and crazy, but i was nice and wine buzzed so i didn't care, plus Tat bought me a Vodka redbull, yummy. So i sat on my bar stool most the night, chatted with Rose, chatted with Vanessa who i hadn't seen in a long long time, chatted with her boyfriend rob, who gave me the stink eye (!), and settled into watching the jazz guys.

I gotta say this:

Yeah, the Jazz Guys do rock, they have what i can only describe as an airtight stage presence, i'm not gonna slather praise all over them, cause herb might read this and pop a boner, but they are definatly one of the best live shows in burlington.
Then to top it all off Tatiana, who is very drunk, jumps on stage and starts dancing around where then Herb quips "Hey your breaking the 4th wall... ladies and gentlemen, Ms. North Dakota..."
After they ended their set, which by the end was broken up with lots of shouting matches between herb and some clever drunks in the back, Jason Cooley took the stage and herb and him traded "Your Mom" jokes back and forth for another five minutes, it was pretty priceless;

"I'd rather fuck your mom's armpit"
"I'd rather fuck her eye socket!"

A quick Bloggin' before work

The other night me and JB and Kyle went over to our friend's Marney and Frank's house to hang out, share some laughs, share an equal amount of wine, and at the end of it all, eat some amazing(!) food that franky prepaired for us


Fresh happy soft boiled eggs with something on top.
Fresh Olives
Ginger Miso soup w/ steamed clams
Some kind of delicious pototoe bake with cream, garlic, and cheese, not au gratin though... (jb)
and the Coup de Grace, a WHOLE motha'fuckin Saloman (sauromon?) hand smoked with Tea (see also, JB's Blog)
You'll notice the pictures that there is a gimp with us, that would be Kyle now, cause he ate some shit snowboarding and tore his rotator cuff (!) which really sucks concidering that the season just began and now he's kind of out of the game for a while. Either way, we all got a bit blotto, at least i did, and i think kyle did, cause i don't think your supposed to drink wine when you're taking pain killers.... or are you? Posted by Picasa

From the archives

I forget when this one was taken, but the facial expressions are priceless, i think todd is mid-blurp. Matty is just looking sexy and Sarah is, well i can't really define that expression. Posted by Picasa


Schmorgas board o' News

Ok, I got a lot of info I gotta get in here so I'm gonna try and make it quick and to the point, one thing that isn't going to make it in is this: You know that four pound ham I bought last week, well, besides the pizza tonight, I've been eating nothing but ham, cause there's so damn much of it. What I thought I might do would be to document how long it takes me to eat the whole fucker, and also document what I make with it, unfortunately I thought about this 5-7 meals into it, and not at the beginning so any documentation I do would be incomplete and therefore... Not as cool. So, next time I buy way to much of one product or another, I'll let you know (my guess is it'll be another ham.) in the meantime, here's a short list of what I've made so far.

1. Ham sandwich (duh.) w/cheddar cheese, Mayo, mustard, sprouts on GH Popeye bread (I highly recommend.)
2. Ham Pan-nee-nee (pretty much more of the same, no sprouts, more cheese, HONEY and mustard.)
3. Ham Steak and Eggs.
4. Ham chopped up in Eggs w/cheese
5. Ham diced finely and put into my Ramen cup o' soup
6. Ham diced finely and put into my Curry Noodles.
7. Ham Sandwich, again.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.

I'm on Trillian AOL name: Tanmccuin
I'm on Soulseek Login name: tanmccuin
JB is having a Movie Party tomorrow night, bring movies; I can get Brother's Grimm and/or the Excercism of Emily Rose.
Adrienne Knit me this Scarf for x-mas, I think it looks dashing; thank you Adrienne, I love it!


Wanna see the favorite album lists of all your favorite music makers?
Brian our new Nester was in another band called Air Guitar Magazine
Did someone say Air Guitar?
Rent getting a little to high?
Our retarded Cousin to the North. (thanks A.)

Funny lightning head

Holy crap am i full of pizza. and mulled cider with Rum. I don't know how i lucked into such a cool group of friends but i'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth. Dinner was excellent, i finally got a chance to talk with Jeff, who is quite the conversationalist, then combine him with Gaylord and you got yourself one hell of an open face sandwich. For a while i just sat there and listened as Gaylord expounded the virtues of owning two five hundred gig hardrives, running in (let me see if i get this right) Split Raid Tandem, i won't get into details on that one, but essentially, it's like having one super fast hardrive. take his word for it. Then i showed Megan my tattoo, i think she was impressed, yep. At one point Gaylord insulted my Zen Micro, so then we all had to take out our "personal mp3 devices." and dicuss the reasons and benefits of each; basically we're a bunch of geeks, and i love it. I'm pretty sure everyone else was talking about Hunger in third world countries, or the current geopolitical climate; we were talking about the fluctuating prices of RAM and where one can aquire the best price. Anyhoo, Dinner was great, Gaylords parents were lovely people, i could see alot of him in them, or vice versa i suppose; warm hearted and ( in the case of his father ) a propensity for telling a good yarn.
The usual suspects were there, plus my good friend / surogate sister Lyndsay came all the way up from Ashville to do the x-mas thing with her fam, and she brought her friend Rheam with her; i didn't get a chance to talk to much with her cause they were at the vegitarian side of the table and i was on the meatavore side, but from what i gathered she's from Ghana via Saudi Arabia, which confuses the hell out of me, but is really interesting as well. Plus Mike is here from Michigan Via... Michigan! We were down a few as well, my hetero domestic partner Todd is Familying it up, and Bengela are in Cali for the Holidays, lots of love to you guys; stay warm and slightly tipsy!
All and all, a good time was had... er, by all. I must say i think the reasons i love this group of people so much, besides how good they all are, in a truely honnest way, is (and i admit this is a bit selfish, but this is also my blog so whatever...) because when i'm around them even if i don't have alot to say, i don't feel anxious like i do in big groups, or even small groups. It's an important quality for me. Plus, they gave me the left over pizza! Posted by Picasa


The truth comes out

So, as Adrienne pointed out in the previous post, I wasn't telling the whole truth about what tattoo i was going to get, the tainted sword didn't pass the first round, so i moved onto new ideas, and then i found this little honey with the the massive dragonlance! this one made it to stage 2, the artist fit it for me and everything, it looked pretty good with the lance sort of wrapping around the bottom of my wrist... HOT!


So now i'm up and going and i've been a few things off for a few days now and today is the day!

1. Get Todd's truck out of our driveway so i can get my truck out. This is gonna be hard, cause we havn't shovelled (cause we don't have a shovel?) since we moved in so there's been ALOT of snow fall around the trucks, plus the plow has gone by and made a sort of bank around the end of the driveway, not to mention that the snow has sort of hardened into a really tough icey concrete. I have two options, one is borrow someones shovel, and just attack that shit with everything i got, or two (i like this one more.) get into todd's blazer, and just floor that sucker out onto the street.

2. Get my hammer dulcimer out of Pure Pop and down to the music store to get tuned up.

3. Hang with Mike! he's been in town now for a few days and i havn't seen him... but i figure, he's got alot of people to visit, things to do and so forth so tonight at Nest Material practice we're gonna rock! and Speaking of nest material, i was up late last night on Soulseek (it finally works for me again!) and i ended up chatting with this guy from Austria who's really into No neck, Sunburned, Jackie-O, etc so we traded, some of his own self made music, and me with abunch of NM tracks:

1. All barking Dogs and howling Winds
2. The Ship Begins to Sing
3. Bird Processor
4. Soundtrack 3 (which is awesome.)
5. track 3 (first EP, echoey and cathartic)
6. Ambienteditmix (the shorter one i think.)
7. Track 1 (first EP, minimal raga style, with sampled sitar - lovely.)
8. Future 2 (needs new name, but one of my favorites right now.)

Posted by Picasa

the big one is Verdilith

This was gonna be the other tattoo i got on my arm but their's no way we could make it fit... it's from one of my favorite D&D books i read when i was young called "The Tainted Sword" This should be the mural we get for the living room wall... i mean, it's so f'in sweet, can i get a hell yeah? (where's Adam Lukin's when you need him?)

---- Posted by Picasa

More Counter top art Posted by Picasa

Blur of JB

 Posted by Picasa

Faith's portrait's of Eisenhower

 Posted by Picasa

End of 05

so that means it's time for those of us @ pure pop to put out our yearly best of whatever we want lists, this year instead of tradional "top 10s" or what have you, many of us have opted instead to mix together a CDR of our favorite tracks - and (this part is my suggestion) we're gonna see about making like... 10 copies of each, and giving them away in January, illegally of course - but if that's what it takes to get the good stuff out than, well fuck it hu!?

I'm in the process of narrowing down a double CDR compilation split into parts

1. Driving/smoking/laughing/talking/speakers
2. Walking/smoking/frowning/thinking/headphones.

those are the working titles - i finished #2 tonight, and did a rough of #1. I gotta say, i'm feeling #2, more than #1 lately - Can't really put my finger on why exactly but i think a big part of it is how empty this house is right now... it's almost creepy... and listening to Keiji Haino and Sunn o))) seems to amplify/pacify that feeling. Luckily i can get into that too quiet/alone mind set and sort of revel in it...

i need to get a cat...

It could also be that my lovely co-worker faith told me earlier today that she knows Adrienne cause she was in her Philosophy class this semester, she said that she had a crush on A, cause she was really smart in class and really cute too... for some reason that makes me feel bad.

I need to get a Dog.

Here's the listing for #2

1. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Track 1 (Multiples)
2. Steven R. Smith - Death of Last year's Man (2000 orginal, but reissued in 05, cover of L. Cohen)
3. The Grey Daturas - She was the Cutie of Camp Cooke (Dead in the Woods)
4. Greg Davis - Daybreak (Paquet Suprise)
5. Jack Rose - Sunflower river blues (Kensington Blues)
6. Circle - Majakkasaari (Guillotine)
7. Double Leopards - Inmost light (A hole is true)
8. Keiji Haino - Black Petal (Black Blues -Quiet)
9. Sunn o))) - It took the night to believe (Black One)
10. Andrew Chalk - Turais (Crescent)
11. No Neck Blues Band - The Catapillar Heart (Qvaris)
12. The Franciscan Hobbies - Satan Crystals (Walls are Stuck)
13. Porn Sword Tobacco - Najaf Library Card dub (Explains Freedom, city, Centre, office)
14. D____ Yellow Swans - I woke Up (Psychic Sessions)
15. Boards of Canada - Pontiac Dreams (Campfire headphase)

What's on your list?


Still don't know what to get that special someone...

Here it is... i was browsing around the many aisles (and back alleys) of my local Amazon.com and happened upon this lovely little number... the best part about it is the user reviews, looks like a holiday favorite...

example: ROLLERBLADERS LOVE THIS!, December 9, 2005

Reviewer:Bobcat "bobcat" (Sleeattle, WA) - See all my reviews
I bought this for my hetro-life rollerblading partners Josh "BangoSkank" and Kent "Ballgrin" and I swear to Crom that they go thru 2 or 3 things a WEEK ALONE! Thanks DOC!

I think this year i'm going to spray paint them gold and give them as awards. Who wants to win a "Fisty"???

Link / 2nd example

A Conundrum

I need alot of alone time in order to feel relaxed and centered.
I need to be around other people, in order for my experiences to be validated. Posted by Picasa

When we were moving in, i found this peice of paper at the bottom of one of my boxes and i looked at it, and read it and and thought about it, and well... funny story is this - this is the last page of the book, in a moment of petty jelousy, i tore it out. it used to belong to Sara-paule's former boyfriend... now i guess it's mine.

1. Pay phone bill
2. convert 3 videos to AVI -> upload
3. Make sandwich
4. Put up paintings
5. Water Plants Posted by Picasa

Good morning / Empty home

The phone rang this morning but I didn't answer it, mostly because I was still sleeping and in my half awakeness I couldn't discern what the sound was, this particular phone I've only heard ring twice before. Then my Cell phone rang at 12:30, I recognize that ring. My sister called to ask how I was, and if I knew dad's cell phone number, which neither of us did. We chatted for a while, she's working 7pm to 7am at the hospital, and needs dad to help her get a Laptop for x-mas, I guess she needs one for grad school, I agreed and told her that if she gets ahold of him, to ask for one for me too, I need one for my coffee table.

I finished my box of cereal, I'm working on Todd's now. Berry berry Kix. That's ok though, cause we bought this usually expensive cereal, not at the regular grocery store, but at Mr. G's discount food stuff seller in South Burlington/Williston! I believe we payed 1.29 for boxes of cereal that would normally be 3.00 - what a deal - and speaking of deals, I got totally ripped off at city market cause I'm an idiot - I saw a McKenzie ham (like whole ham; 3d, not 2d.) that with a tag that says "4.98" and then I saw the lunch meat next to it that say'd "5.34" so I was like.... Well, shoot I'll get the 3d ham, it's gotta be better, I'll just slice it myself. Turns out it was "per pound" so the ham was 14 bucks. Bummer - so now I have 3 lbs of ham in the fridge so if anyone want's a super gourmet ham sandwich, come on over and get it while the gettin's good.

Anyway. so I got off the phone with Tara, and promptly fell back asleep - you'd think I hadn't slept in a week, but I gotta say it's 4pm, I've been up for a half hour, and I feel pretty damn good. Awareness /energy wise anyway... I feel like today is the first day of being a "bachelor" and just to prove it I've been walking around the apartment in my long johns slurping cereal, downloading music, blasting the "lonely Samoans" (now local parsons'ish country band) and scratching things righteously. Today, I will do nothing; Blog some, make a grilled cheese (w/ ham.), play some video games, try and finish "Rings of Saturn" yeah, I'll clean a little bit - not to much though.

On the otherside of that same coin, right now across town, Adrienne and her family are doing their Children's Day celebration, and sadly enough I wasn't invited, or more so, uninvited... But I understand, I never held any expectations that shit wouldn't get sour between me and Adrienne after I moved out - in my experience it's very hard to remain friendly after a breakup, as much as both people would like to - it just hurts to much, I suppose. Down the road though, I hope things will be better between us, or at the very least I hope Adrienne feels better.

Maybe I'll call her later, she called last night to tell me she was having her phone disconnected in a few days.

Get the ball rollin

Woof. It's been a busy few weeks, it's 4am and i'm going to head to bed - to much to do and think about in any proper way right now, lots of things to blog though; so so much! later, tommorrow probably - in the meantime here's a link to a fun blog i read daily, gotta love eavesdroping!

Oregon Trail Should Come with a Warning Label

Guy #1: You're useless...you keep getting dysentery.
Guy #2: Maybe you're just a lousy trail leader.
Girl: At least he doesn't drown every time we cross a river.
Guy #1: Hey, you caulk the wagon, you take some chances.

--79th Street 1 station

The New MC

Escher Fashion Line

Woman: I saw this cute change purse in the store; it was made entirely of zippers. Isn't that a great idea?
Man: Oh wow...Could you open it?

--Q train

Hence Majora

Girl #1: Why do I always have camel toe?
Girl #2: Are you buying your pants too tight?
Girl #1: No, I think I gained weight.
Girl #2: Where, in your labia?

--E train

That's Not Love; That's Parliament

Queer #1: Well, it's because they have an open relationship and it seems that Dan is the only one who takes advantage of the openness a lot.
Queer #2: So is it love, because there's mutually acceptable whoring? It could be love, you know. There's consensus.

--L train


No time for blogging today

So here's a sweet link, i promise it's good. regular blogtent will resume when i get internet at my new place. remember, plants are a boy's best friend. I want to go to the Marosy's x-mas party but i'm kind of filthy, hung over-tired, and pre-occupied with other things right now, plus frankly, i have a feeling it's gonna be a little too hip and rockin' for my socially anxious mind to enjoy... however, the idea of Herb and Todd at the same party with a kareoki machine could prove interesting...



Almost like haniford brand magic stars Ben has graced the world with his harrowing and heart warming tale of survival on Mount Mansfield, entitled, "Mansfield, or the man's field that hosted the game of Us against the Mountain". It's good stuff, i wouldn't miss it.

"We never panicked, instead we became determined, and at the same time carried on much scared. At a clearing we stared for moments at the ground questioning our direction as we'd lost site of the gondola house, and then it appeared, as if spirited, below us in the clouds. We picked up our speed and got swell at monkeying through waist deep snow and tree tops, sliding down rocks, toppling over branches, and pushing hard through thick stands of pine."


Extra links!
Transformers 1
transformers 2
transformers 3

Big day Tommorow

Got alot to do, get up early go find Todd - go to Pure Pop, get my paycheck, cash my paycheck take it to the bank, get a check made go see the landlord, give him our rent, sign the lease, go to the apartment, get keys, start moving things, call the utility Co.'s, go to work, get out of work, drive to Highgate, borrow my dad's truck, come back and then spend the next few days doing the do. I'm Sooooooo excited!

I'm really into getting alot of plants for this apartment, green living things seem to me to be very important for a healthy living enviroment, so to all you well wishers out there.... keep that in mind...

Adrienne just emailed me with this.

She think's it'd be a lovely addition to our living room - i quite agree... Thanks A! Also, this is my open call to Ben to tell his story of his Monday Night adventure in Stowe, i want details man! Btw, that happened to me once too, probably around the same place, i got it into my head that i wanted to do the Northern Vermont long trail by myself, and without a map, and once i got up around the ski mountains in Bolton i must have taken the wrong trail and soon enough i was lost, and there was a storm. Since i was just going from lodge to lodge i didn't bring a tent, so i ended up stuck up on one of the mountains in a killer thunderstorm, there were litterally trees falling around me. Not to mention a week earlier i went and saw the Blair Witch Project. I was freakin' out. So, i guess it's good advice to bring a map next time, i recomend this one ---->
The trees and paths are clearly marked, as well as the quicksand and fallen trees that make excellent bridges, i think also that there might be a secret staircase somewhere that'll take you to the level 4 dungeon...


Where'd the snow go... yo?

So tommorrow is the official day of moving for me and Todd, we just gotta get together another 700 bucks for adjusted december rent, so far so good - oh and get renters insurance, it's required i guess, so we have to look into that, but i talked with our landlord today and he said it's cool if we don't have it till january. Looks like i'm gonna be el' broko for the holidays, but really what else is new.
We had practice for the first time in a few weeks, albeit missing Ben due to a hiking mishap, and we didn't setup the PA, just played out of amps - but it was pretty great all together, the new guy that played with us, Brian sounded excellent, he really knew how to blend his sound in, when to add texture and when to play notes. He had a multi-fx processor, i can't think of the name - but he'd play through it and he'd get just this wonderfull noisey nearly trumpety sound, i liked it. I'm fairly excited at this point about getting Marnie in to play with us too, she's a wacky girl who knows how to play the violin and sings like a little japanese girl - all good things, we just need to get into the studio and properly set that sucker up. I havn't been this excited about NM since i came back from Washington.


Todays Links are:

Passions of the Benny Hill
Yo Dude.

and the #1 kick butt link for today is

My Barbarian's "Unicorn L.A."


We got the Apartment!!!

We got it! yesssss... It's at 105 Hyde street, you know the one with the murders and arson! It's super sweet - we'll be moving in on Thursday, expect a celebrationary party to ensue. Now all we gotta do is pay for the sucker...

I and Thou

I'm sitting here, at adrienne's on my computer - she's asleep in the bedroom across the hall, and outside Charlotte street is quiet and cold. I feel like for the first time a week or more I'm sitting down and collecting. I've got my headphones on and pleasant sounds are coming and going one after another, it's these times for me that while never memorable, are essential. Lately I've been thinking about my time in Olympia, a period that, similar to my time in Australia seems only to exist as a story someone told me, or a dream I can only recall half asleep. Something about these few weeks, rings out similar to me; the sense of under-pinned urgency I've felt day to day, the lack of privacy perhaps, the break down of routine - today on my walk to work, I detoured to the liquor store and then down through college ghetto behind city market and was struck by this overwhelming loneliness... And then with excitement.

I feel like this happens to everyone at this time of the year, whether we care for the holiday's or not, there is this sense of urgency in everything we do, and once it's all over and January opens up all flat cold and empty we sort of coast out on the ice and say... "Now what was all that..."
But for now, I've got more energy and desire to accomplish so many things - tomorrow morning I'll find out if me and Todd will have an apartment, something that I've been very reluctant to blog about since I'm sure I junked the last one with all my bragging. I can't wait, it's been a while since I've had my own place proper, though I'm not complaining about the hospitality I've been shown by everyone, JB, Kyle and Adrienne especially - you guys are the best and I hope robbers break into your houses when I'm there so I can defend you're lives heroically. It's pretty much the only chance I have to pay you back at this point. And lot's of love to everyone else that's given us (todd's surfin' too.) the couch invites, Michelle, Greg and Mandy, Megan and Gahlord - you guys make my life here possible, eventually I'll be less of a shuttin and spend more time sharing the goodtimes.

*** Rising memory alert ***

ok, the random mp3's just provided me with last year's it song "Rebellion (Lies)" - by none other than the Arcade fire*, and all I can think of is this night on the way to Seattle to see Guitar Wolf, laying in the back of my friend Sigmund's station wagon watching out the back window as the bottoms of the over passes zipped by and more and more buildings and street lights stretched out above me - I remember feeling lonely and excited.

*** Songs over ****

It's seems like the end of a year, however much an arbitrary number on a calendar I got for free at Ming's, stirs up so much trouble and thoughts, and no one around seems to be immune either, Todd and Sarah have gone their separate ways, drastically even, with Sarah moving to NYC, and Todd moving in with the far less sexy Me. Sara-paule's father passed away more than two weeks ago, and Ben had to fly all the way back to California to tend to his sick father, Mike and Michelle are worlds away from each other, Kyle is having trouble with school and I won't even get into all the shit JB's going through and has been going through for a while now, and Nest Material, currently a quartet hasn't even practiced in three weeks... Everyone around me is dealing with something and I know this is common year round, but I feel like the holidays are almost like a bottleneck for emotions and tribulations; loneliness and excitement...

I can't really say where I'm going with this, often times I get these feelings and thoughts that stay just over there in the corners of my mind and don't present themselves fully - I think I like it that way however, having to fully understand something can be tedious, and tends to take up to much of my time.

*yes, i like this album... there, i said it.Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of the Highgate Cemetary, the orginal Highgate, North of London... pretty creepy hu?Posted by Picasa