The truth comes out

So, as Adrienne pointed out in the previous post, I wasn't telling the whole truth about what tattoo i was going to get, the tainted sword didn't pass the first round, so i moved onto new ideas, and then i found this little honey with the the massive dragonlance! this one made it to stage 2, the artist fit it for me and everything, it looked pretty good with the lance sort of wrapping around the bottom of my wrist... HOT!


So now i'm up and going and i've been a few things off for a few days now and today is the day!

1. Get Todd's truck out of our driveway so i can get my truck out. This is gonna be hard, cause we havn't shovelled (cause we don't have a shovel?) since we moved in so there's been ALOT of snow fall around the trucks, plus the plow has gone by and made a sort of bank around the end of the driveway, not to mention that the snow has sort of hardened into a really tough icey concrete. I have two options, one is borrow someones shovel, and just attack that shit with everything i got, or two (i like this one more.) get into todd's blazer, and just floor that sucker out onto the street.

2. Get my hammer dulcimer out of Pure Pop and down to the music store to get tuned up.

3. Hang with Mike! he's been in town now for a few days and i havn't seen him... but i figure, he's got alot of people to visit, things to do and so forth so tonight at Nest Material practice we're gonna rock! and Speaking of nest material, i was up late last night on Soulseek (it finally works for me again!) and i ended up chatting with this guy from Austria who's really into No neck, Sunburned, Jackie-O, etc so we traded, some of his own self made music, and me with abunch of NM tracks:

1. All barking Dogs and howling Winds
2. The Ship Begins to Sing
3. Bird Processor
4. Soundtrack 3 (which is awesome.)
5. track 3 (first EP, echoey and cathartic)
6. Ambienteditmix (the shorter one i think.)
7. Track 1 (first EP, minimal raga style, with sampled sitar - lovely.)
8. Future 2 (needs new name, but one of my favorites right now.)

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The Le Duo said...

after you get your wizard/ferries/sword tattoo, then you could get that crucifiction/cross one, or just the close up of jesus' head with the crown of thorns.

greg davis said...

dude whats your slsk nickname?

mine is 'blucklers'

Tmoore said...

mine is...

i don't got much of anything good right now since i cleaned my hardrive a few months ago - but i'm hoping santa's gonna hook me up with a 120 gig soon enough.

greg davis said...

holiday flatbread tonight with gahlords parents.
+ hang out with mike time.

not sure what time.

cmon on out.

The Le Duo said...

listened to meta-fisical grafitti today, first time in months and months...sounds way awesomer that i first gave it credit for.


Tmoore said...

yeah man, that album is gold - love it love it love it.

Anonymous said...

the vulpes persona said...

that dragon lance is f'in sweet, especially with the soul-wings coming out from behind, the only way it could be any cooler is if the warrior is sneezing out hundreds of little daggers...

fuck jb's jesus imagery, that shit is so last millenium. Man is the new God. 'In everybody loves Raymond we trust.'

Tmoore said...

Word to that, Jesus has a tattoo of me on his left bicept.