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Ok, I got a lot of info I gotta get in here so I'm gonna try and make it quick and to the point, one thing that isn't going to make it in is this: You know that four pound ham I bought last week, well, besides the pizza tonight, I've been eating nothing but ham, cause there's so damn much of it. What I thought I might do would be to document how long it takes me to eat the whole fucker, and also document what I make with it, unfortunately I thought about this 5-7 meals into it, and not at the beginning so any documentation I do would be incomplete and therefore... Not as cool. So, next time I buy way to much of one product or another, I'll let you know (my guess is it'll be another ham.) in the meantime, here's a short list of what I've made so far.

1. Ham sandwich (duh.) w/cheddar cheese, Mayo, mustard, sprouts on GH Popeye bread (I highly recommend.)
2. Ham Pan-nee-nee (pretty much more of the same, no sprouts, more cheese, HONEY and mustard.)
3. Ham Steak and Eggs.
4. Ham chopped up in Eggs w/cheese
5. Ham diced finely and put into my Ramen cup o' soup
6. Ham diced finely and put into my Curry Noodles.
7. Ham Sandwich, again.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.

I'm on Trillian AOL name: Tanmccuin
I'm on Soulseek Login name: tanmccuin
JB is having a Movie Party tomorrow night, bring movies; I can get Brother's Grimm and/or the Excercism of Emily Rose.
Adrienne Knit me this Scarf for x-mas, I think it looks dashing; thank you Adrienne, I love it!


Wanna see the favorite album lists of all your favorite music makers?
Brian our new Nester was in another band called Air Guitar Magazine
Did someone say Air Guitar?
Rent getting a little to high?
Our retarded Cousin to the North. (thanks A.)


The Le Duo said...

just a note- my movie night is pob. going to be just one movie- preferable something music related- greg mentioned 'the head?' by the monkees. i still need suggestions though.

ps fuck tucer carlson right in his stupid ass. he's lucky he's dealing w. paul martin and not jean cretien- jean would kick his sorry bow-tie up his ass


Anonymous said...


will you please save me a slice of sweet, delicious ham. i sure do love the pink bits.
that scarf sure is dashing. green and gold? if so we can be neckwrap twins, my mom gave me one like it a few years back. we are so hetero-lovely together, my friend.
ps- tell jb he is a redundant anglo-franco dynamo

The Le Duo said...

just do me a favor and stay in michigan, cock

u sure r a cock, fuckin stay in michigan

you know what michigan needs? another cock, u should stay

cock michigan cock michigan

Tmoore said...

JB, what does pob mean?

Todd it's actually green and brown, i wanted something to match my corderoy jacket.

JB, you are a redundant anglo-franco dynamo, todd told me to tell you that.

The Le Duo said...


Anonymous said...

i will never ever be bored at work as long as i have access to your beautiful blog. i'll be back n btown the 26th. hope you redundant, ham eating motherfuckers are ready to rock!
fondly- srb

Tmoore said...