A quick Bloggin' before work

The other night me and JB and Kyle went over to our friend's Marney and Frank's house to hang out, share some laughs, share an equal amount of wine, and at the end of it all, eat some amazing(!) food that franky prepaired for us


Fresh happy soft boiled eggs with something on top.
Fresh Olives
Ginger Miso soup w/ steamed clams
Some kind of delicious pototoe bake with cream, garlic, and cheese, not au gratin though... (jb)
and the Coup de Grace, a WHOLE motha'fuckin Saloman (sauromon?) hand smoked with Tea (see also, JB's Blog)
You'll notice the pictures that there is a gimp with us, that would be Kyle now, cause he ate some shit snowboarding and tore his rotator cuff (!) which really sucks concidering that the season just began and now he's kind of out of the game for a while. Either way, we all got a bit blotto, at least i did, and i think kyle did, cause i don't think your supposed to drink wine when you're taking pain killers.... or are you? Posted by Picasa


The Le Duo said...

from dictionary.com

'Covered with bread crumbs and sometimes butter and grated cheese, and then browned in an oven: potatoes au gratin'

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.

The Le Duo said...

if it looks like a duck-quacks like a duck- and tastes good with plum sauce- IT'S A FUCKING DUCK!!!

(re-place 'duck' with 'delicious au gratin potatoes'