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Woof. It's been a busy few weeks, it's 4am and i'm going to head to bed - to much to do and think about in any proper way right now, lots of things to blog though; so so much! later, tommorrow probably - in the meantime here's a link to a fun blog i read daily, gotta love eavesdroping!

Oregon Trail Should Come with a Warning Label

Guy #1: You're useless...you keep getting dysentery.
Guy #2: Maybe you're just a lousy trail leader.
Girl: At least he doesn't drown every time we cross a river.
Guy #1: Hey, you caulk the wagon, you take some chances.

--79th Street 1 station

The New MC

Escher Fashion Line

Woman: I saw this cute change purse in the store; it was made entirely of zippers. Isn't that a great idea?
Man: Oh wow...Could you open it?

--Q train

Hence Majora

Girl #1: Why do I always have camel toe?
Girl #2: Are you buying your pants too tight?
Girl #1: No, I think I gained weight.
Girl #2: Where, in your labia?

--E train

That's Not Love; That's Parliament

Queer #1: Well, it's because they have an open relationship and it seems that Dan is the only one who takes advantage of the openness a lot.
Queer #2: So is it love, because there's mutually acceptable whoring? It could be love, you know. There's consensus.

--L train

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