So i havn't had a chance to post anything interesting, since the night at the OP. i've been in the process of trying to find a place to live, working, and trying to find a little quiet time where i can. My current bed, aka JB's floor has been usurped by my old friend Jared who just showed back up in burlington, also without a home.
Jared snores, very loudly... luckily, i have some promotional earplugs that say MTV2 Headbangers ball vomlume 2 on them that i got for free from work, so i just jammed them in and i was good as gold (ie right as rain).

In the mean time, the best of the blogworld award goes to ben and michelle for posting some real content, not this sorry mess.

Also, nest material is hiring


Tmoore said...

Das quiz:
What does the picture say?
Hint: It's in german!

Anonymous said...

'morgen cant shit like she used to'

greg davis said...

tanner (and/or todd), if you need a place to sleep near the holidays and into most of january. you could sleep here on our futon.
im gonna be outta town for like a month from december 21th - january 18th.

consider it if you dont have a place by then.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure exactly what type of german it is, but maybe dutch german or something (?). i think in standard german it would be - morgen kommt noch ein tag. which is something like 'tomorrow comes another day'-i think. -mike

Tmoore said...

the actual translation is
"morgan can shit another day." so your both right. :)