The insanity of late

Ok, not really that insane, but for little ol' me who tends like his quiet time, things have been getting what can seem a little Katrina up in this bitch. I call it hurricane Scotty, it's a warm, friendly, entertaining Hurricane, though so I don't really mind. What I have discovered is my inner (I just heard Scotty randomly say "boner Juice, double whip-cream juice cream, that or I can nut on your face...) - my inner matron, or something close to that, my inner matron is probably something a bit closer to this, or this maybe. I'm constantly looking around the last few days and thinking, did I water the plants, are the records out of order, does he need a plate, I should do those dishes, the carpet is out of position, we need to get a vacuum cleaner, does that look good on the wall there, luckily though, I haven't put down any drink coasters for people yet, when that happens I hope someone here will promptly slap me in the face.
I have to say though that I'm loving having my own place again, and this time, it's really is my own place, for the last five years I've either been moving in with someone or someones who've already been living there, or crashing on couches, or living in a place that's too small to decorate, ie, my truck; I gotta say I'm also dreading next months bills, with all there turn on fees and unpredictability; I can't tell if Master Blaster is efficient or just fickle. I'm not altogether worried, a little concerned, it'll work itself out, Todd and I are two mature, responsible adult, right?
on another note, check this out; what a jerk the photographer is; but don't tell me your not gonna laugh your ass off anyway. click this picture for the whole story.

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