Juz Gays

So later after JB's movie night, which was a very interesting if not especially great sci-fi blaxploitation jazzumentary, featuring Sun Ra called Space is the Place, i went out to get a drink with my old friends Katie and Tatiana, both of which i havn't actually spent anytime with in oh, two years; it was alot of fun! Katie and i shot the shit at the OP for a half an hour, talked about school, life, parents, the whole nine yards, she's a good talker, good listener as well; then tat came around and we bought a bottle of wine and drank half of it at Tatiana's apartment over on Peru St. It looked almost exactly like the one i lived in with Tatiana and Lyndsay five years ago! They had a board on their wall with two catagories one "Shit list" and the other "Dead to me" and they had one name in both, shit listed was "Project runway" and dead was "Johnny Damon" whatever that means.
Anyshit, Herb's band the Jazz Guys were playing at metrognome and since i'm a bad friend and havn't gone to one of his shows since fucking august or something, we all headed down to the gnome. What a great time that was too, i usually don't like live concerts that are all packed in and crazy, but i was nice and wine buzzed so i didn't care, plus Tat bought me a Vodka redbull, yummy. So i sat on my bar stool most the night, chatted with Rose, chatted with Vanessa who i hadn't seen in a long long time, chatted with her boyfriend rob, who gave me the stink eye (!), and settled into watching the jazz guys.

I gotta say this:

Yeah, the Jazz Guys do rock, they have what i can only describe as an airtight stage presence, i'm not gonna slather praise all over them, cause herb might read this and pop a boner, but they are definatly one of the best live shows in burlington.
Then to top it all off Tatiana, who is very drunk, jumps on stage and starts dancing around where then Herb quips "Hey your breaking the 4th wall... ladies and gentlemen, Ms. North Dakota..."
After they ended their set, which by the end was broken up with lots of shouting matches between herb and some clever drunks in the back, Jason Cooley took the stage and herb and him traded "Your Mom" jokes back and forth for another five minutes, it was pretty priceless;

"I'd rather fuck your mom's armpit"
"I'd rather fuck her eye socket!"

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faith said...

thank god.

dirty jerz is getting me down and i had a hankering for some burlington info. you never got back to me on the code names. i thought you could be 2 pac and i could be tina turner, but we can negotiate.