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Holy crap am i full of pizza. and mulled cider with Rum. I don't know how i lucked into such a cool group of friends but i'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth. Dinner was excellent, i finally got a chance to talk with Jeff, who is quite the conversationalist, then combine him with Gaylord and you got yourself one hell of an open face sandwich. For a while i just sat there and listened as Gaylord expounded the virtues of owning two five hundred gig hardrives, running in (let me see if i get this right) Split Raid Tandem, i won't get into details on that one, but essentially, it's like having one super fast hardrive. take his word for it. Then i showed Megan my tattoo, i think she was impressed, yep. At one point Gaylord insulted my Zen Micro, so then we all had to take out our "personal mp3 devices." and dicuss the reasons and benefits of each; basically we're a bunch of geeks, and i love it. I'm pretty sure everyone else was talking about Hunger in third world countries, or the current geopolitical climate; we were talking about the fluctuating prices of RAM and where one can aquire the best price. Anyhoo, Dinner was great, Gaylords parents were lovely people, i could see alot of him in them, or vice versa i suppose; warm hearted and ( in the case of his father ) a propensity for telling a good yarn.
The usual suspects were there, plus my good friend / surogate sister Lyndsay came all the way up from Ashville to do the x-mas thing with her fam, and she brought her friend Rheam with her; i didn't get a chance to talk to much with her cause they were at the vegitarian side of the table and i was on the meatavore side, but from what i gathered she's from Ghana via Saudi Arabia, which confuses the hell out of me, but is really interesting as well. Plus Mike is here from Michigan Via... Michigan! We were down a few as well, my hetero domestic partner Todd is Familying it up, and Bengela are in Cali for the Holidays, lots of love to you guys; stay warm and slightly tipsy!
All and all, a good time was had... er, by all. I must say i think the reasons i love this group of people so much, besides how good they all are, in a truely honnest way, is (and i admit this is a bit selfish, but this is also my blog so whatever...) because when i'm around them even if i don't have alot to say, i don't feel anxious like i do in big groups, or even small groups. It's an important quality for me. Plus, they gave me the left over pizza! Posted by Picasa

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