I just sold about a million dollars in CD's DVD's and gift certificates in the last four hours, severly hampering my usual afternoon work duties of attempting the perfect "eye balled" pot of coffee, finding new clever ways of putting "I'm an ass." stickers on Herb's back, scouring the blogo-sphere for new and interesting factoids Googling everyone i know's name, and just generally "puttin out the vibe".
The culprit? X-mas... i know, i know... i just posted a few weeks ago about how much i love it, but that was before thanksgiving, this is after... now i'm just sick of all the shopping, and spending and yada yada... plus i'm super broke... in fact, i think that's the only reason, but i have a plan that may work, and then i can give special gifts to everyone.


Update: and since i don't have the time right now to add any real content, here is something super weird and cool. makes me wish i had my own cordless phone


Anonymous said...

does your "plan that may work" involve stealing?

The Le Duo said...

i bet it involves pictures of you in various stages of undress

Anonymous said...

pictures of me? or tanner?
maybe both?
but i do wonder how you will get the pictures of me. maybe photoshop.

The Le Duo said...

well, i meant pics of tanner... but now that you mention it....