End of 05

so that means it's time for those of us @ pure pop to put out our yearly best of whatever we want lists, this year instead of tradional "top 10s" or what have you, many of us have opted instead to mix together a CDR of our favorite tracks - and (this part is my suggestion) we're gonna see about making like... 10 copies of each, and giving them away in January, illegally of course - but if that's what it takes to get the good stuff out than, well fuck it hu!?

I'm in the process of narrowing down a double CDR compilation split into parts

1. Driving/smoking/laughing/talking/speakers
2. Walking/smoking/frowning/thinking/headphones.

those are the working titles - i finished #2 tonight, and did a rough of #1. I gotta say, i'm feeling #2, more than #1 lately - Can't really put my finger on why exactly but i think a big part of it is how empty this house is right now... it's almost creepy... and listening to Keiji Haino and Sunn o))) seems to amplify/pacify that feeling. Luckily i can get into that too quiet/alone mind set and sort of revel in it...

i need to get a cat...

It could also be that my lovely co-worker faith told me earlier today that she knows Adrienne cause she was in her Philosophy class this semester, she said that she had a crush on A, cause she was really smart in class and really cute too... for some reason that makes me feel bad.

I need to get a Dog.

Here's the listing for #2

1. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Track 1 (Multiples)
2. Steven R. Smith - Death of Last year's Man (2000 orginal, but reissued in 05, cover of L. Cohen)
3. The Grey Daturas - She was the Cutie of Camp Cooke (Dead in the Woods)
4. Greg Davis - Daybreak (Paquet Suprise)
5. Jack Rose - Sunflower river blues (Kensington Blues)
6. Circle - Majakkasaari (Guillotine)
7. Double Leopards - Inmost light (A hole is true)
8. Keiji Haino - Black Petal (Black Blues -Quiet)
9. Sunn o))) - It took the night to believe (Black One)
10. Andrew Chalk - Turais (Crescent)
11. No Neck Blues Band - The Catapillar Heart (Qvaris)
12. The Franciscan Hobbies - Satan Crystals (Walls are Stuck)
13. Porn Sword Tobacco - Najaf Library Card dub (Explains Freedom, city, Centre, office)
14. D____ Yellow Swans - I woke Up (Psychic Sessions)
15. Boards of Canada - Pontiac Dreams (Campfire headphase)

What's on your list?


Anonymous said...

hey tanner, mike and i made a double cd-r compilation this weekend too! but it is not a 'best of 2005', or anything. i've been debating whether i will make one for my radio show/ blog, but i kinda don't think i will. i might do a 'personal favorites of 2005' type thing unrelated to release date... i'll give you a copy of our mix though!

Anonymous said...

In similar news I got an A+ in that class (+! can't friggin' believe it) in that class and that college I got accepted to offered me a 6,000 renewable smart kids scholarship.
ok, enuff braggin. no never enough bragging!
-Adrienne, Or Smartest Cutest Girl In B-town on this monday morning (i'll be less smart and cute by tuesday)

Anonymous said...

smartest who doesn't re-read her notes fore posting. geez, what a doof -adriroseper
p.s. youze shud give her my digits. i'm starting a lesbian harem with my urban outfitters' admirer. and any other labia-possessing hotties i can dig up.
just kidding.
but i do need some more friends! pssshaw,
this sudanese boy came into work the other day looking to chat up morgan and i told him she had a bf. then he tried to pass me on to his much more unattractive roommate (though they were both missing a couple teeth) and when I said that I wasn't looking for a boyfriend and thus didn't need the guy's phone number he said, "hey, you can always use more friends."
true dat.

Anonymous said...

i sound like a racist! egad. terrible terrible

Tmoore said...

i love that your p.s. is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000X longer than the body of your post; righteous. And yeah you are a racist, whoever you are, a big ol' southern hick. :D

Awesome Michelle, i definatly want a copy, at our next party at the Sin-o-Gog, we'll be spinning only hand made (mixed) CD-R's, i put Nada Surf on my happy mix!

A, congrats on the Scholarship, i always knew i was the dumber one ;D