Good morning / Empty home

The phone rang this morning but I didn't answer it, mostly because I was still sleeping and in my half awakeness I couldn't discern what the sound was, this particular phone I've only heard ring twice before. Then my Cell phone rang at 12:30, I recognize that ring. My sister called to ask how I was, and if I knew dad's cell phone number, which neither of us did. We chatted for a while, she's working 7pm to 7am at the hospital, and needs dad to help her get a Laptop for x-mas, I guess she needs one for grad school, I agreed and told her that if she gets ahold of him, to ask for one for me too, I need one for my coffee table.

I finished my box of cereal, I'm working on Todd's now. Berry berry Kix. That's ok though, cause we bought this usually expensive cereal, not at the regular grocery store, but at Mr. G's discount food stuff seller in South Burlington/Williston! I believe we payed 1.29 for boxes of cereal that would normally be 3.00 - what a deal - and speaking of deals, I got totally ripped off at city market cause I'm an idiot - I saw a McKenzie ham (like whole ham; 3d, not 2d.) that with a tag that says "4.98" and then I saw the lunch meat next to it that say'd "5.34" so I was like.... Well, shoot I'll get the 3d ham, it's gotta be better, I'll just slice it myself. Turns out it was "per pound" so the ham was 14 bucks. Bummer - so now I have 3 lbs of ham in the fridge so if anyone want's a super gourmet ham sandwich, come on over and get it while the gettin's good.

Anyway. so I got off the phone with Tara, and promptly fell back asleep - you'd think I hadn't slept in a week, but I gotta say it's 4pm, I've been up for a half hour, and I feel pretty damn good. Awareness /energy wise anyway... I feel like today is the first day of being a "bachelor" and just to prove it I've been walking around the apartment in my long johns slurping cereal, downloading music, blasting the "lonely Samoans" (now local parsons'ish country band) and scratching things righteously. Today, I will do nothing; Blog some, make a grilled cheese (w/ ham.), play some video games, try and finish "Rings of Saturn" yeah, I'll clean a little bit - not to much though.

On the otherside of that same coin, right now across town, Adrienne and her family are doing their Children's Day celebration, and sadly enough I wasn't invited, or more so, uninvited... But I understand, I never held any expectations that shit wouldn't get sour between me and Adrienne after I moved out - in my experience it's very hard to remain friendly after a breakup, as much as both people would like to - it just hurts to much, I suppose. Down the road though, I hope things will be better between us, or at the very least I hope Adrienne feels better.

Maybe I'll call her later, she called last night to tell me she was having her phone disconnected in a few days.

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