Where'd the snow go... yo?

So tommorrow is the official day of moving for me and Todd, we just gotta get together another 700 bucks for adjusted december rent, so far so good - oh and get renters insurance, it's required i guess, so we have to look into that, but i talked with our landlord today and he said it's cool if we don't have it till january. Looks like i'm gonna be el' broko for the holidays, but really what else is new.
We had practice for the first time in a few weeks, albeit missing Ben due to a hiking mishap, and we didn't setup the PA, just played out of amps - but it was pretty great all together, the new guy that played with us, Brian sounded excellent, he really knew how to blend his sound in, when to add texture and when to play notes. He had a multi-fx processor, i can't think of the name - but he'd play through it and he'd get just this wonderfull noisey nearly trumpety sound, i liked it. I'm fairly excited at this point about getting Marnie in to play with us too, she's a wacky girl who knows how to play the violin and sings like a little japanese girl - all good things, we just need to get into the studio and properly set that sucker up. I havn't been this excited about NM since i came back from Washington.


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