Big day Tommorow

Got alot to do, get up early go find Todd - go to Pure Pop, get my paycheck, cash my paycheck take it to the bank, get a check made go see the landlord, give him our rent, sign the lease, go to the apartment, get keys, start moving things, call the utility Co.'s, go to work, get out of work, drive to Highgate, borrow my dad's truck, come back and then spend the next few days doing the do. I'm Sooooooo excited!

I'm really into getting alot of plants for this apartment, green living things seem to me to be very important for a healthy living enviroment, so to all you well wishers out there.... keep that in mind...

Adrienne just emailed me with this.

She think's it'd be a lovely addition to our living room - i quite agree... Thanks A! Also, this is my open call to Ben to tell his story of his Monday Night adventure in Stowe, i want details man! Btw, that happened to me once too, probably around the same place, i got it into my head that i wanted to do the Northern Vermont long trail by myself, and without a map, and once i got up around the ski mountains in Bolton i must have taken the wrong trail and soon enough i was lost, and there was a storm. Since i was just going from lodge to lodge i didn't bring a tent, so i ended up stuck up on one of the mountains in a killer thunderstorm, there were litterally trees falling around me. Not to mention a week earlier i went and saw the Blair Witch Project. I was freakin' out. So, i guess it's good advice to bring a map next time, i recomend this one ---->
The trees and paths are clearly marked, as well as the quicksand and fallen trees that make excellent bridges, i think also that there might be a secret staircase somewhere that'll take you to the level 4 dungeon...


The Le Duo said...

tanne you dork. i laughed like a bastard when i saw that map.


Tmoore said...

it's a perfectly good map jb, providing you've got the candle to burn the bush, not the orange candle, but the blue one... :D