Calling Angela McGregor

Todd sarah and i are eating dinner, todds eating spagetti O's and grilled cheese, sarah ate grilled cheese dipped in Shalamar Green sauce (i think it's mint) and i went for round two with last nights chicken mango curry, (i win!) Anyway, this post is specifically taylored for you angela, Aka MC Big-G. Here is your link, especially formulated for maximum Angela Viewing Pleasure.
Update: Also check this one out, it's sorta like Hot or Not, but with Kittens (this has Casey Rea Written all over it.)


The Le Duo said...

thats kinda weird in a cute-dead-dog kinda way. huh?


Tmoore said...

very strange i thought, but undeniably adorable... JB we watched Evil Dead 2 tonight, alot of people hadn't seen it before, it was a laugh riot!

Anonymous said...

it's hard to type when i've got the most ginormous grin taking up my WHOLE FACE! that is going to rule for today and all days. thank you tanner thank you tanner thank you tanner.
it's so cute. seriously, i was all cold here at the computer and then i saw that picture and even ben said "you don't have goosebumps anymore". cause i'm warm and fuzzy on the inside! that dog also reminds me of my dog that died a year or so ago, penny. we liked to call her pig dog. she was small and white with a round belly and little hoof feet. i'll look for a picture.