Happy Holidays / Burlington Ex-Pat Thread

Alright I'm gonna be heading up to my family's for an evening and a day, gonna hang out with JB and Kyle up in the Franklin Co. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, the rest of this post is an open thread to all those people who are permanent or temporary Burlington expats, you know who you are, Ben, Mandy, Angela, Sarah, Todd, Greg, Adam, Rachel, etc etc. This is for you all to leave a few comments, let us know what you've been doing, and how you are, and how much you miss us all. Be safe everyone.


Anonymous said...


i slipped on a patch of ice last night in downtown rochester and fell flat on my back. i've spent the last 12 hours making a heating pad sandwich with the couch, watching TBS. happy beginning, happy ending. is it just this time of year that i'm crying from forrest gump? (don't nobody tell anybody bout that crying bit)

Anonymous said...

todd, was it last year at this time that you fell and pulled a muscle in your neck and had to lay on the couch all day during a family gathering? as for me, my superdrive is currently not accepting discs of any kind. i am pissed. but trying not to be.
love, michelle

Anonymous said...

i am bored as fuck. get me home.


Anonymous said...

no wait, i was bored. now i just wanna come home. thanks for blog being tanner's 7th sense

Tmoore said...

I'm glad to be back in burlington, i have today (monday) off, and i'm really looking forward to breakfast w/ JB, coffee with Adrienne, and then maybe spending a little cash on your truely.
There's something i think about going back to where your from and seeing all those old people who knew you when young that, at least for me, leaves me feeling a little vulnerable... it's nice to see everyone, but i can't wait till your all back here so we can celebrate burlington style.

Anonymous said...

hey all, happy holidays from the southwest. im currently at my parents place in christopher creek, AZ (central-ish arizona) in the mountains. its lovely here. my brother and his wife and 2 kids are here too. i went hiking the other day to my usual spot along hunter creek and captured some nice water sounds. had a nice xmas. got some really rad gifts. including vol. 2 of thoreau's journals which is amazing. sebastien flies in from paris on new year's eve. we are gonna hike and hang out and work on music and see the grand canyon before we meet up with ben and hit the west coast for tour on january 5. ill be back in burlington on january 18th. ill be home for 12 days before i leave for iceland. lets be sure to all meet up and get flatbread or watch some crazy music vids or something. hope you are all doing well all over the place. love, gd

Anonymous said...

p.s. tanner are you into the classic video game Gauntlet?
if so, you need to buy a USB game controller and we can play when i get back to BTV.

peace, gd

Tmoore said...

Hell yeah, count me in on that, also, Chris, that i work w/ is all about a little D&D action, it'd be alot to organize but we should eventually get a campaign going; at the very least we should have an epic gantlet tourny.

Have fun on that tour man, next time you do a tour you'll have to let me convice you to take Ben and I with you, we can make a documentary of your shows!

Animal Parade said...

Yes, and I will come, too!!
I am back in Burlington after a wonderful week in Delaware, where my sister, brother and I hiked in the great dunes and watched birds everyday. One day I even had my shoes off. We saw piping plovers, tons of oystercatchers, terns, geese, ducks, gulls and sandpipers, a looping red hawk and a mindblowing blue belted kingfisher with spikey hair and a minnow in its mouth! See Cape Henlopen, the beautiful place where I grew up, here:


Let's hang soon. Love, Mandy

Anonymous said...

i'm lame because when i'm not at home on ben's computer i don't know how to get to anyone's blogs. i forget who is on what, y'know. but seeing this now reminds me why i missed burlington so much while i was in california. my gosh dang friends here are the best. which isn't to say i don't have some solid gold pals in oakdale/modesto...cause i do...but more and more it feels like a foreign land with a thick accent or something makes the folks there difficult to understand. plus each time i'm there i'm all "oh yeah over this hill is that amazing orchard...shit! another god damn subdivision." plus my friends back home talk so much shit about each other. everyone's got an opinion about everyone else. is it because we've known each other for sooooooo long [1st grade, 4th grade, 7th grade, etc]? because i feel like my friends don't do that so much here. is it because most of us met as "adults"? will we eventually know each other so well that we'll talk shit, predict downfalls, etc? okay this is kind of depressing.
california was great because i love my family SOOOOOOO much. i spent hours and hours holding my tiny baby niece while she slept and slept. my dad and i watched the travel channel together while munching on peanut brittle and chatting about the world. i even played pool with my elusive brother. and my best friend is also the best mom--i hung with her and 2 year old simon quite a bit.
end long post transmission to fix dinner *now*
thanks for asking, tanner.
i heart you guys!