The Winter no longer sucks (party.)

Yawn... 3:30 pm, time to get out of bed. Last night was alot of fun, i'm so glad everyone turned out; It was so nice to see this modest dwelling filled with sympathetic souls, on such a strange and cold evening. It all went in such a woosh! one minute i was getting home from work, kicking all my dirty laundry into my closet; doing last minute dishes, Todd was just getting home as well, doing some last minute cleaning in his room, aka Todd's Lounge, aka, the "Drug" room, aka the Tounge; the next minute; this place was packed to the gils! Packed is hardly a suitable descripter; luckily after a bit, some people cottoned on to Todd's Lounge, and the double room was in effect.

I had a play list setup so that i wouldn't have to worry to much about DJ'ing, but i i should have known that'd never work as everyone took their turns playing DJ and tossing on records, plugging in Ipods, and shuffling MP3s; One minute Stereolab the next, Nirvana (Negative Creep.) one minute Mariah carey and ODB, the next an American Analog set mashup with kelley Clarkson. At one time i had to difuse a potentially explosive situation between a group of dance party ready ladies and one very obstinant David who insisted on playing "cosmic dancer" cause people actually just wanted to make out. Cosmic Dancer got played, why? well the rational seemed to be that the song was about dancing, so that was the compromise. Fair enough.

I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman about human services and how insane it seemed to him that people who are mentally ill and overtly prone to violent outbursts and who just shouldn't be allowed into the general public are instead allowed and then given two servants. Interesting points were made, but ultimatly i was playing host so i didn't sit in for two long, though i'd like to continue that conversation; reguardless, it seems Eugenics is still alive and kicking.

Eventually a minor dance party kicked in, and not very long after; people began making their way out into the night. At one point me and Todd went to have a smoke in the Can and when we came back out the whole place was empty except for bottles and cans on every surface; and a few still rolling back and forth on the floor. That was fun we said to each other, i yelled out the door "Thanks for coming everyone!"

Thanks for coming everyone; now i gotta start cleaning - after that, a little grocery shopping, some lunch, and quiet evening watching the dreary Bergman masterpiece "Winter Light".


casey said...

I'm writing an article for Seven Days' sex issue about the perennial musical aphrodesiac known as "Electric Warrior."

T. Rex are like the indie-rocker's Barry White or something.

Can I quote your blog?

Parties. Who needs 'em?

casey said...


Ever consider that the Ingmar Bergman might be a factor in your seasonal depression? Especially "Winter Light." Sheesh.

Tmoore said...

Yeah, go for it casey; just make sure you mention the blog address ;D