Settled not, Subtle.

So much to do these last few days, finally with the holidays over (the battle of xmas cheer vs. xmas reality ended in a stalemate, to be continued next year.) i can think about all the stuff i've been putting off. The apartment's coming along, looking more cozy everyday plants are growing, the bathroom is greening up; we're going to hang ivy from the ceiling about the shower so it hangs down, it'll be like shower in the jungle, that might sound a little bizarre but out bathroom ceiling is 12 feet high so they'll never actually touch my head. The living room has a lovely antique bookshelf in it now, with some flowering Jade trees making it their residence and our home network is setup to include mine and Todd's computers as well an old laptop that just kicks it on the coffee table, incase someone needs to define the word "condescension" or figure out if the dead play'd Darkstar for 48 minutes @ tuscalusa 73' or for 49 minutes....

New bills will be flooding in soon, but i think i've got this one handled, now that i'm living in my own place again i'm saving money in the strangest of places, i don't buy coffee that much since i have a maker here (and one at the Pop) that save like 5-10 bucks a day (seriously...) i eat less, cause i suppose i'm just more content, i don't feel like i need to go out and do things all the time since i have most of my "things" here, speaking of not paying; Todd had a gift certificate to Pappa Franks that he'd been sitting on for a year now and he treated me to dinner tonight; i'd call it a date but he wouldn't like that, last time someone mentioned our questionable living arangment Angela got bawled out. Did i mention how extremely hetero Todd Eschenberg is? that guy loves the ladies!


Thanks Todd, dinner was supertastic; the meatballs; sucullent.

Today while sitting at mirabells eating my lunch which consists of either a turkey or ham crossant w/ a cup of the soup d' jour (5.50 total, can't beat that with a stick.) i was reading my new book (The Emmigrants, by WG Sebald, who also wrote "the rings of saturn") i started to over hear the couple next to me who were sitting at the table closest to the big plate glass window, i tried to ignore them, till i realized what they were talking about, the boy saying to the girl...

"I can't help but eaves drop, if i can make out more than three words, than i'm hooked, and i can't stop..."

So i continued to listen to them, eavesdropping on their conversation about eavesdropping figuring what the hell, this is good stuff! Then this women walked by the window who was absolutly getting down on a chocolate bar, just going to town; the couple stopped talking and watched her while she walked by completely oblivious to their staring. After she passed they turned to each other and smiled knowingly; i sat and wondered what that glance was that they exchanged, i think there was some humor, but also pity, that women seemed to have some kind of illness going on; but it seemed like these people were smiling at each other, as if to say, "i'm glad i'm not her". I watched them sit there smuggly with each other and then i'm pretty sure, i smiled to myself and thought, i'm glad i'm not either of you guys...


Stolen from overheard

Woman: I always thought the Purple Pieman was Satan. Isn't that one of his many names?
-K-mart, West 34th Street
Overheard by: CC

Woman: It's going to be a 20 minute wait.
Man: Why don't you go use the restrooms now?
Woman: It's okay, I can wait 20 minutes.
Man: If you shit your pants in public again, I'm going to fucking kill

--Veselka, 2nd Avenue



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