Fun for Everyone!

Here's the game:

You take lots of random, weird pictures with all your digital cameras and cell phones, and then you email them to: was57lay@photos.flickr.com the subject header becomes the title of the picture, and the body of your email becomes the explaination; then it shows up on Highgate, instantly for all to see.

Sound like fun?

for example Rose sent those pictures of the soft spot show at Pearls last week, from her phone.



Anonymous said...

Man, I am the best photographer, ever! Look at those crisp, clear, well-lit photos. I am amazing. But seriously, Tanner, I hope you're having a better time now. Today really dragged you through the ringer, dragged you back again, and made you watch while all your loved ones went through, too. Do what I'm doing: turn to VH1, and watch 'Showgirls'. Always good for a laugh.

jds said...

Those girls ARE just like the Olsen twins. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

you are standing next to me at the pop and are calling chris. your phone voice is that of a pretty pretty princess, for real. you may want to work on that. -f

Anonymous said...

mye maam sed, michelle, laf at the boise jokes, thenn thae wil laike yu.