The man comes around

The winter continues to drag on and since i've lost the gift of music in my truck, the ol' Zen Micro is getting some new playlists. It's probably not safe at all to drive around with headphones on; but i figure since i got rid of my cellphone, this makes it even. Lately my tastes have been venturing back in time and across the atlantic, New Order, the Smiths, Pulp and The Orb are currently rocking my world, anything with a beat really; i'm been busting out my old Drum and Bass LPs, Ram Trilogy, Optical, Cause 4 Concern; vintage UK drum and Bass, lovely. Currently; Madonna's Hung Up(J' Sui desolete' lol, whatever...) is absolutly killing the dancefloor of my mind; maybe she's robbing the coffin of mid 90's trance (and daft punk.), whatever, music is all about theft and reinvention, as long as it shakes the booties and warms the hearts, it'd say it's a fair trade.

Man, is there anything worse than doing the dishes... it never fails to be an issue in every household i've lived in; I'm open to ideas here people, what works for you guys; (don't say "being mature and responsible" that's off the table.) we've tried the "Wash your dish after you use it" but that doesn't work, no one wants to do anything after they've just eaten; we're trying to take turns but that turns into "But i fuckin'... vacuumed..." or "But i cleaned the toilet", i mean, what is with that - we'd rather scrape each other's turds out of the toilet than was a dish? that's not true actually. That was "Satire". Eh-hem.

Holy crap Madonna is tearing it up; god i love headphones. Wait, now we're gonna change it up a bit. "My Friend Dario" lord. i'm getting dumber by the second, glorious.

I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to go fishing; any takers?

Atari Lynx


casey said...

Where do you guys get these fucking cool-ass accoutrements? And beards? (tee-hee).

Anonymous said...

god bless todd.

and the oddest thing: this morning, i was laying in bed, as i often do on saturday morning, thinking about a million unrelated things. and i thought about how you always have clever pun-type-things for your links, and i thought, "what about Lynx?" and behold your links for today. wow. i thought about the cat, you thought about atari.


Animal Parade said...

I just looked at Casey's blog, and I'm confused. Could someone please explain it to me?

Also, sorry I forgot that 'fishing' was a euphemism. I was thinking quite literally that hanging out in the woods with my best pal would be very dope, and that's really what Brokeback was about for me.

Do you know what else is totally dope? Bird Show's new record, Lightning Ghost. And Fleetwood Mac. Am I freak-folk enough? I am never sure.

Tmoore said...

Mandy you are authentic freak-folk, you're like double black belt freak folk, you're like freak folk with 20 lives, up up down down left right left right A B select start!

The Le Duo said...

Tanner, please explain to me who your 'crew' is. because if that includes me i might have to stop joking about it and ACTUALLY kill myself. But like Ben said 'I'd rather play with tanner with a big ego than tanner with no ego at all' true dat


greg davis said...

yeah that new bird show record is killin'.
i had the pure joy of being a part of bird show for a couple of weeks on the west coast. shit was deep.
is giacinto scelsi freak-folk? the buffalo springfield box set is rocking my world over the past couple of days.

what about casey's blog?
he likes to write about music. and rant and rejoice about life's musical mysteries in and around burlington and elsewhere.

casey, talk a walk down to Recycle North and you can get yourself some tight accoutrements and a nice beard. after im done with my beards, i take them to RecNo. they are more than happy to recycle my beards.

casey said...

Tanner's Crew was a little-known '80s flick with the Coreys Haim & Feldman.

Haim played Tanner, a nerdy bike messenger who falls for a cute zookeeper. Feldman played his good-for-nothing cousin Deke. They steal an elephant, ride it down the streets of L.A., and hillarity ensues.

If you don't understand my blog, you're part of the establishment!

I was in Tanner's crew once, but he booted me, 'cuz I forgot to pay my membership dues.

Indeed, the Bird Show record is lovely.

greg davis said...

haha we just all woke up and we are sitting at our computers chatting on blogs. wait til tanner wakes up in a couple of hours. now thats funny!

The Le Duo said...

80's louie anderson could play me. before he got kicked off 'the feud' for picking up a gay drag queen prostitute.

Tmoore said...

Hey, i'm awake; i'm just at pure pop... er... working.

Anonymous said...

I think we all know your PurePop gig is just a front-you're really using the job to recruit new members to The Crew. I've seen you steering the stoned shoppers away from the Jam and towards the new Cult-Folk section. Hey kids, come over here, I'll show you my Nest Material...


Animal Parade said...

Greg just explained Casey's blog to me. I thought he was saying that Tanner wears a baseball cap with his hood up over it, and I have never seen Tanner wearing this look, though I have seen Todd wearing it I think, back when we both worked at RecNo. And it was more of a "trucker's cap" than a baseball cap. Who needs reading comprehension when you have the entire establishment to back you up?

Now I'm gonna back on up over to map club.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm late for map club but I wanted to weigh in on the dishes thing, assuming you really were interested.

I've tried that "half hour after use" thing and it's no good.

I've also tried the "let them stack up and grow a very interesting mold garden which is eventually eaten by small white maggots" thing and that really doesn't work (don't worry, long ago and none of the dishes you guys have eaten off of were involved in that experiment).

What works at Chez Dewald right now was imposed on us by Misato. You do all your dishes before you go to bed. This means you can eat, sit back and hang out. And then before you go to bed you do your dishes. Takes about 10 minutes tops and gives you a moment to reflect on the day's happenings.

Another thing that helps with this (though perhaps unresponsible in a resource-management sense) is that I don't fill a sink with water and plunk all the dishes in and wash them in gross dirty water.

I put soap on the sponge, and use running water, placing harder-to-wash items below the flowing water while washing the easier stuff above (thereby letting the water pressure do a bit of work, also great for cleaning out pizza jars which you must save for the next Jamfest).

Also, the running water is fun and helps me think and, frankly, I like doing dishes now. I use a drier rack so I don't have to use the dry towel and let the air do the work.

This system breaks after large gatherings (read: Seamonster) but usually within a day or so it's back to normal.

Hope that helps. In our case we needed someone to freak out on us for two weeks to get the system ingrained. But now it's easy.

Face it boys, dirty dishes cancel dirty wishes.


Tmoore said...

Glord, thank you very much for that insightfull and well written post. I really am looking into alternatives to our current system; we're not at each other's throats but i wanna nip this one in the bud now. I think that system you described may work, we'll try it out. my question though is, do you switch off every night, reguardless of whether they are you dishes or not, or what?

Also, Mandy - i was being cryptic, but seriously, this summer or spring even, i'm gonna organize a weekend up on Lake Carmi in Beautiful Franklin County (real vermont.) their will be fishing, and fires, and songs... possibly man on man love.

The Le Duo said...

one time at lak carmi i got real stoned a pet a racoon thinking it was a cat. this might not sound bad but it was right during the late 90's rabies scare.

The Le Duo said...

i must be stoned now...i PET a RACOON at LAKE Carmi poo

Anonymous said...

re: Dishes

Everyone does their own. In our house it's by couples. I tend to do the dishes for me and Meg (Meg does a lot of the cooking).

So it becomes a problem if both of you aren't committed to making it happen. You do your dishes, Todd does his. But when you go to sleep at night, your dishes are done.

Mainly, when you wake up, there are no dishes (unless Hot Toddie gets up before you and makes you breakfast and leaves the dishes around).

If you try to switch off that could be a problem, depending on your styles of cooking, amount of dishes you get dirty etc... Say Todd cooks very fancy requiring a kettle, three sauce pans, and four prep bowls and you are more of a one-pot-cooking Asian style cook. Sooner or later you're going to be pissed at cleaning all of Todd's dishes. So it's better to have each slobby guy in charge of his own slobby dishes.

Then there's The Final Solution.
If you give the Misato Method (yikes, alliteration, sorry) an honest try for 30 days and it doesn't work you can do the following:

Remove all plates, silverware, glasses, etc except enough for each of you. In other words, for a household of two you get:

2 forks
2 spoons
2 knives
2 bowls
2 plates (if you can't eat everything out of bowls)
2 cups
Additional cookware as needed (but not tableware).

That way, if you don't do your dishes you can't eat. This method works.

It's very spartan but it truly works. It's for the people who needs remedial assistance. Which maybe you guys need I haven't been paying attention when I'm over.

You can keep a reserve of dishes packed in a box that's hard to get to. Those dishes can be used for dinner parties etc.


Anonymous said...

so if the hipsters dude are co-opting beards from hippies, than what are the hipster chicks co-opting?

I'll tell ya. dresses over jeans.

Come on girls. Once you start, you'll never go back.


p.s. we just did an aloud reading of your entire blog and then a group discussion. The only things I read aloud are things like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Ginsberg, and Thoreau, so I think you've entered the canon, man.
mle and map club minus gd and md.

Anonymous said...

this is all so precious! i can't believe you fucking guys are my fucking friends. also, gay-lo's 'final' dish solution sounds like the perfect way to rid ourselves of these filthy, scheming, inferior dishes once and for all!
thank you, gaystapo-lord!


Anonymous said...

If it comes down to dresses over jeans then I say totally: the gas chamber you fuckwits...but don't hold my views against my charming wife pls.

mec said...

1. what's a pizza jar?

2. once i pet a skunk at dusk, thinking it was my cat, Whitney (R.I.P.)