Nest Material
the Dead Horse
in four parts
w/ Fire the Cannons
@ The Half lounge
(I know, i don't how we're all gonna fit in there either...)
In other news, this weekend was alot of fun, Rocking Montpelier, spontaneous parties at my house, and drinks and email with Miss Eva; i've gotten about half as much sleep as i should be getting, specially since i'm fighting off a cold... i fought off the first attack with coffee, wiskey and those odwalla mega-anti-oxidant fruit drinks (mmm... yummy.) but now it's regrouping and i gotta rock tonight too, so i may be in trouble for tommorrow... And maybe it's cause i'm a little under the weather, (no that's not it.) but i'll be damned if mortality isn't costantly on my mind lately, even more than usual for that matter, (as the pretenders sing, "I found a picture of you... those were the happiest days of my life!") Though i've been probing my fellow time travelers (there minds that is.) and there are many of us it seems that have death on the brain. I'm blaming January, and then i'll blame February, but chances are it has alot to do with the nessisity of fear and guilt in my life as a motivator... i'm a little to prone to inactivity unless i'm guilted by myself or someone else into action.
Guilt is like the arrow on my moral compass.
Wow. Ok, i'm gonna go take a shower and eat some fucking Reese's peanut butter cup's Cereal. Shit.


David Cross's open letter to Larry the cable guy (thanks Casey)

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