Good Christ.

I'm tired. But i'm totally wired cause someone, not saying who, gave me something that makes sleepy nervous musicians (that's right, i'm a musician... dig.) awake, way past their post show bedtimes. I gotta work at 10. Ehhh....
Tonight was fun, today was fucking weird; Tonight, we played the half bar not so sure how it went, but it felt fun; and i feel like we're heading in the direction that is, for me at least, more reflective of who i am, or at least, the emotions i like to convey; that being said, it was like jesus taking a dump on a series of trisket crackers and feeding them, via armatron to each and everyone one of his diciples. A = B = C /A.
Today, it was really grey outside, and kind of warm and windy and my throat felt like there was something in it i couldn't get out. Me and Todd just sort of sat around for a while, listening to Smog (Best album of 2005? anyone?) low, and Gorecki; sipping coffee, just sort of being in a bit of a state, todd's in a weird place right now, with Sarah being gone, and i'm in a weird place, always; Sara Paule showed up and brought me some old things she must have had kicking around, my T-Rex Coffee mug and a sheet she actually made for me like 5 (no 6.) bazillion years ago. (its really nice, heavy white cotton with a thick bar of blue with tiny little stars running down the middle.) I tried to impress her with my knowledge of Gorecki, which back fired because of course, Sara paule, knows everything ever about classical music. That girl is gonna be famous i know it. Then she was like, oh do you know... bla bla, and bla bla, Op. 343, vivendi, ashalamalakum, tetris, epluribus unum? and i was like.... i like gorecki.
When we got to the studio, ben was already there, busying himself on getting things ready for teh show, and i swear we wouldn't even be a band if it wasn't for that guy. I got a splitting headache, and bitched and moaned about it till we went freshmarket to get half off sandwiches (after 5pm) i asked the guy at the counter if they sold asprine, he said no, but then he went and got some out of their med kit for me, talk about fuck yeah! things got better after that, i sucked down another Mo-Beta anioxidant yadayada, ate some tylenol, and told myself hey, life ain't so bad; you got a 6 dollar sandwich, a really fucking good 6 dollar sandwich, for three dollars, there are people out there in the world, eating six, seven, even eight dollar sandwiches, and their's might not even be that good, what the fuck do you have to complain about asshole?
Then went to Half bar and rocked. I don't really like writing about my own music cause i, well i guess i don't really know how i feel about it till much later, but i can say that the turn out was excellent, i saw all sorts of people i havn't seen in a long time including a one Mr. Brian Sodaro, who was probably my first highschool friend; you see i found out through a mutual friend that Brian, liked to play Doom. I liked to play Doom too, and i wanted to try to play Doom, against someone else, so i went up to him in the hallway after class and said (the following must be said in uber-geek accent, while pushing invisible glasses up on your nose.) "hey, you like to play doom? Wanna play doom with me, we can play deathmatch, i've got a second phone line, doom is super sweet!"
Needless to say, we played alot of doom together, this other time, we drove my Go-Cart, all the way (on the main road) from Highgate to Swanton (that's like 8 miles.) all the while rocking out to "Bulls on Parade" on repeat in a little handheld tape player. That, trust me, was super bad ass.

Where the fuck was I.

Ah, and then after the show, Miss Eva came by and we went on a walk around the block, i showed her "The Loop" if anyone is familiar with that you get 10 points on your "You're a closet homo" card, i'd score it for myself but i've already filled it and cashed mine in. Eva showed me her office in the inner workings of the Flynn theater; i got to see the main theater completely empty and dark, except for one light that i'm gonna call the ghost light, but i may not have been called that, but it stays on all the time, all night long and it stands about 6 feet high in the middle of the stage and looks like what God would look like if he/she existed and was doing standup for an audience of invisible shareholders.

That, was cool.

Now i'm a little tired;

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The Le Duo said...

Tanner- Sabrina made me one of thoes thai curries I'm always bragging about. so come over tonite and get some. JB

Tmoore said...

holy crap, i'm so there. i'm so sick right now, so to boost my imune system we just put on Guns n Roses, the Music Video collection. Aparently they say watching Axl Rose swim with Dolphins can heal your body. I also hear that spicy tai curry's are good for the sickness.

The Le Duo said...

this curry has had a hard life. first sabrina think she left it on the stove too long so its a little thick. then mike dropped it on the way in here this morning so some spilled. but i checked it out and it looked & smelled delicious. when do you get off (heheh) work?


Tmoore said...

6ish. i'll be over round then

Anonymous said...

I love the story of the mouse's revenge. Though I imagine he must've died in carrying out the plan. Do you listen to "This American Life"? There is a hilarious story from an episode they did a few years ago on "first days" where a police officer goes to investigate mysterious noises in someone's attic on his first day on the job. The noise-maker is a squirrel, and the story ends with the squirrel on fire running under the sofa and catching it on fire.

jds said...

Thanks for the shout.
Hope to catch you guys next time you're at Langdon Street.