"Fuck off for sure! Like, Totally!"

I woke up late for work today to walk out and find that someone had cleaned out my truck for me, but in the bad way. They took my stereo! Motherfuckers! Not to mention Eva's totally happening 80's Mix. They got a bunch of other stuff too... but i'm not sure exactly what cause i had so much crap in there. To be fair, it's was inevidable, i mean... my doors don't lock, and the stereo itself couldn't be mounted cause the dash is completely fucked from the previous owner... who had HIS stereo jacked.
So basically, it was going to happen. doesn't keep me from wanting to cry... Listening to music while i'm driving is probably one of my all time pleasures; i've made countless "Driving to" mixes specifically taylored for each little trip "The "I forgot my scarf at JB's but it's to cold to walk so i'm gonna drive over there, even though it's only four blocks" Mix, for example.

Sigh. And today was gonna be such a good day.

If anyone out there has any old car stereos kicking around let me know, i'll trade you something for it; perhaps my "It's Wednesday in August, i've got the day off, it's sunny, i'm going swimming" Mix. More than likely though it'll be my "It's January, it's bitter cold, i'm late for work and stereo just got stolen by some mega-jerk." Mix. Your choice.

i'll post more later, topics to include:

Valley Girl
Sakura / sushi
family business
soft spot
Hair Cuts


The Le Duo said...

what a bitch, man. fuck livin on hyde st. you would have thought the sin_a_gog had a little protecting power left. stealing car radios in fucking burlington vermont? probly just some young punk. who woulda thought your truck had anything worth stealing? i woulda passed it by if i was theivin :)

Anonymous said...

earbuds man, its the way to go while driving with no car stereo. i did it for 2 years. and convieniently i lost some at your house saturday night...

sorry bout your loss..thanks for hosting last night..hope you had a good dinner


greg davis said...

i stole your car stereo and put it in the tip bowl at the radio bean after the AQUADORO set last night.
maybe he'll give it back to you.....actually that sucks. im sure todd has about 37 car stereos that he 'found' at RecNo. he'll hook you up.

also gahlord wants to see some under the table photos from the sakura sushi event last night.