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Sorry for all the random link dumps and vapid content; i havn't been feeling that well lately and it's been a chore to do anything more than take a shower and go to bed the last few days, with that said, here's some more random crapola until i get this flu (cold.) underwraps. Over at Stylus (i know i know, they blow...) they did a fun little article on the history of Metal, Black, Death, etc. It's a beginners guide so it glosses over most things but for those of you who have had only a passing aquaintance with the heaviest of heavies, it's a great way to wet your appetite.


"Vikernes is also tied to the suicide of Mayhem vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin [aka Dead], supplying the shotgun shells for Ohlin’s fatal blast. Roommate Aarseth found Ohlin, and promptly took photographs, documenting the macabre scene. Two years later, Vikernes murdered Aarseth, probably due to the fact that Aarseth, whom had released several of Vikernes’ Burzum records on his Deathlike Silence Productions imprint, owed Vikernes a large sum of royalty money.

Fuckin A.

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The Le Duo said...

now if only Sammy Haggar would kill Diamond Dave.