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Whew, somedays fly by, and some take forever to end; today was of the later variety. Not that i did much really, worked and band practiced, but i havn't been getting nearly enough sleep lately and i think it's starting to catch up on me, i definatly got a little testy at band practice. I'm not going to get into it, in fact i'm not going to get into anything right now; it's never a good idea to run your mouth when you're over tired, it just ends up coming out like "Yeah, well fuckin' bla bla bla bla bla bla, whatever!" and then everyone's like "....."


I went and saw my friend kyle's band the other night and i was really impressed by what i saw. Their name was, Nightbird, or The Nightbirds, not quite sure; but they were exactly what i wanted to hear; soft rolling alt-country, with clean traveling baselines and reverby leads - i've seen the lead singer BJ around town, he's a deadringer for Ryan Adams, and like him did a nice job as a front man, singing and warbling off and on. keep your eyes open for when they play next. Reminded me of the Sadies.

I got a chance to see a rough cut of the new episode of the Deadbeats club, and i must say you all are in for a treat; it's good stuff; image if you can; a mashup of "The Office" and "Dynasty", that's all i'm going to say for now. Plus, Eva gifted me her old guitar for temporary use (and abuse.) it's completely labelless, has a spraypainted white backside, a gold glitter front, a japanese les Paul headstock and neck, a Jaguar's pickup switches, and 4 rickenbacker single coil pick-ups; it's gorgeous in it's frankensteinian hodge-podgery, and sounds like a fat little goblin; Eva darling, you're a dream.

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The Le Duo said...

i know what you're saying about practice...it seems like we have all this (false) pressure on us ever since we decided (did we decide?) to NOT just go up there and wing it. also, i personally feel that people in the band have this grand vision of what nest material should be that i'm not really privy to, and doesn't seem to be open to, or want, my suggestions/opinions. not that i ever have any suggestions (other than 'lets rock!') but you know what i'm sayin? we gotta get this all straightened out pretty soon because i hate leaving practice every week pissed and frustrated. last night ended well i think and the show is looking up for me. well, movie tonight or tommorow tan? see ya, jB

Tmoore said...

we definatly decided to not just wing it, hence the killer wall chart; and personally, i do have a grand vision for the band, and i think we all should. i think one of our problems is that our visions aren't really seeing eye to eye.
But i agree with you, i'd like to straighten this out cause i'm leaving practice pissed off more and more, and it's supposed to be fun right?

The Le Duo said...

hey, if once in a while people would just throw me a fucking bone as to what that vision is I'd be happy...

my vision is just to play and have fun and not stray too far from wence we started, improve noise free rock shit ya know?


casey said...

A VT band sounds like the Sadies?

I can't wait for the new Deadbeat. Feb. 3, is it?
I'll catch the Sunday rebroadcast.

Stop fightin' and carryin' on.

Your fat little goblin,


Tmoore said...

well, to be more specific, they sound like the sadies when they play slow and sweet; the sadies seem to be able to play almost any varation of country including weird surfy bluegrass.

umphrey's ticket buyer:"Who's this your listening to?"

Me: "Um, Nirvana. (in utero)"

"Oh, fun."

(5 minutes ago at PP.)

Anonymous said...

'well you got to feel it in your bones'

oerheard at the Pure Pup, which thank you for btw, i actually listened to my rh folder on random for like 2 hours last night...talk about super UNcool. um...PRACTICE

yes the being on the same page would be nice. let's do that. winging it works, we've done that, sometimes embarrassingly, sometimes next level, however i think an audience deserves more from time to time. personally, i'd like to see where we can go, with a mixture of the two. thats all, if we're not all on the same page then we really need to talk. howabouts in real life. i've said to much on highgate already...

luv you

Anonymous said...

Dang. Sorry I skipped practice last night. Had a bunch of other shit to do.

But yeah, as long as I've been tangentially attached to the band in the absence of the esteemed Michael Yun, I've felt a bit as JB does. There's folks what want "songs" and folks what want "lets play and see where it goes" and since all the folks are friends are desperately uncomfortable with conflict people just sorta bury it or deal or whatever.

Nest Material works in either format, improvised or through-composed. It really, imnsho, doesn't matter. But yeah, some words should be shared if people get worked up.

At the end of the day, people see the shows and either a) like them or b) don't like them. People from either category mention "Unlike anything I've ever seen or heard" as reasons for their thoughts.

I think more than the composed vs improvised nature the real pressure comes from the myth of originality. But I'm rambling. Especially long for someone who didn't even show up to practice.


Tmoore said...

glord, that link to Gr.oups is somthing that you, or any of the seamonsters should check out; it's a pretty amazing comunity group sort of thing, sort of like the mailing list but even more detailed, maps of where we live, directions, phone numbers, blogs and what have you. might be fun to play around with.

Yeah, Ben, hearing fake plastic trees again for the first time in like a year is always an event!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I read about it via diggdot.us a couple days ago. Looks like a congolmerator sort of a yellow-pages for a group. It might be good to keep a directory of the Seamonsters.

On the other hand, everyone's blogs are pretty much in the blogrolls, so that keeps it straight.

The flickr thing is cool, though I never upload to flickr...

Should be cool. Maybe I'll go set it up.


Of course, then the Feds will know where to find us...

Anonymous said...

up on bunny hill

bunny up on hill


casey said...

Pure Pop interaction from back in the Ticketmaster days:

Customer: "Yeah — two tickets to Dave."

Me: "David Lee Roth is on tour again?"

Customer: "Wha?"

Me: "You said 'Dave.' Oh, WAIT — you meant Dave Stewart form the Eurythmics!"

Customer: [Getting annoyed] "No, man. Dave MATHHEWS."

Me: "Oh... OK. I thought you meant Dave Holland. Or Bowie."

Fun stuff. The guy had an aversion to using consonants, as they often do.

I've got more where that came from.

Tmoore said...

Just overheard at pure pop

Tanner: Uh, what's consonants?

Sue: Like, not vowels...

Anonymous said...

tanner, you've been a consonate source of inspiration to me...

Anonymous said...

on the way to montreal last night (to see his name is alive and low) i do believe that emily, gahlord, and I finally found an answer to the problems of nest material described above.......

instead of being a collective, like you currently are, we decided that your band needs to become a dictatorship, with JB as the leader. effective tonight at practice.

don't worry about thanking us,
mec, mle, and g-lord