Sure feels like Sunday

Ben said it first, but I'll reiterate; Sundays are the shit. What did I do today... Practically nothing, what could I have done? oh lots I'm sure, like apply to college, that's a good one, laundry; a close second.
What did I do? well; I got up at 8:30, that's a good time to get up right?; The sun's coming up at 8:30 and it feels like you have the whole day infront of you... you could look out the window onto new fallen snow, watching flakes float lazily down, sipping a hot cup of black coffee curling your toes in Todd's slippers (I don't think he'd mind really...) watching those unfortunate souls drive here and there, unaware as they are of the simple transcendental beauty of just Being, here and now, alive, awake. Yeah... that sounds nice.... i like that.
I suppose I could have done that, but instead I stood around outside in my freezing ass converse and bare feet, helping Toddy jump start his Bronco, then I went back inside, turned up the heat and went back to fucking bed. 8:30 my ass, i got some sleepin to do... There was a little present in my bed this morning though, I won't give away secrets but this hot little package begins with E and has three letters... It's not an Elf, or an Egg.

Though an Elf, that'd be pretty hot too... Like this maybe...

The rest of the day was a Hodge podge of Tannerness, video games, Quaker granola bars, Black Sabbath Records. Wow, the more comfortable I get with this whole Blog concept, the more of a total NERD I'm becoming, or rather, realizing that I am. Thank god Geek is the new black; I may never be on time for a dinner date or work, or funerals, or even my grandma's 75th birthday, but somehow I showed up in time for the rising of the dorkstar in the pantheon of what-is-Cool-for-a-While. Seriously, who would have thought while they were hunched over their commodore 64's, or more accurately for me, hunched over my 4th grade teachers commodore 64 (which I stayed after school to play on) trying in vain to purchase the right combination of foodstuffs, clothes and oxen so that I might survive my trip across the Oregon Trail, that almost 15 years later, hipsters the world over would be wearing these.

I thank me lucky charms everyday. D&D is kind of cool again, Magic, the gathering... Well, still not so cool, Video Games aren't just for agorophobics, Black Sabbath is more relevant than Zepplin (and always were, so there!) I could go on.

Todd just gave me his slippers! Now my feet will be warm, I'm gonna go make some coffee, and let my eyes glaze over as I let the mediocre larphs of MST3000 roll over me, one soothing wave after another...



Anonymous said...

v.p. shouts:
babies ain't nuthin but trouble.

The Le Duo said...

I gotta tell you tanner, there is no way in fart that BS is was or will ever be more relevant than Led Zepplin. All I remember about Sabath is they had a song abolut ferries in boots and then they replaced Ozzy with Deo. So basically they can rot in hell with Van Halen.


Tmoore said...

Ok Jb, i should rephrase that, Zepplin will always hold more sway over the mainstream, but at the moment, the sounds that Sabbath cultivated are being used as reference points by so many more interesting forward thinking bands, not just the heavy ones either. Zepplin is being found more in bands like... the Scissor sisters (kind of fun actually.) and the Darkness, (yuck)!

Sabbath btw, are Sabbath only till "Sabotage", then they are just some lame ass sabbath cover band...