So, Deerhoof are pretty hot right now, with the Runners Four making it into alot of 2005 Top 10's, and while i was digging around i found some pictures and a 30 second video clip i took at their show when they played the Eagles Club in Olympia spring 05; absolutely killer, i was on the fence about these guys till i saw this show; their drummer alone is worth getting their albums for. witness.


Anonymous said...

is that 'le ton mite' in the orange coat?

Tmoore said...

not sure who le ton mite is, but if by that you mean Slim Moon, than yes, you are correct; they went to the same diner that i did after the show, so i ended up harrassing them a bit (they were really cool, possed for a few shots, answered a few questions.) Slim's band opened up for them, and it was actually alot of fun, he had cardboard cutouts of people and animals on stage, and he sat behind them and did sort of acoustic sound collage.
Ah, justed googled it, yep, that's le ton mite; he has a myspace account, so does deerhoof, ben Nest Material should be friends with these guys.

Anonymous said...

wait....just to clear up. that in the picture is le ton mite aka mccloud zicmuse, not slim moon. the set you described is definitely le ton mite. michelle and i saw him in bordeaux with a bunch of other k recs folks, frenchertons and nedelle from krs. slim runs krs, mccloud is on k. different people, no?


Tmoore said...

that's bizarre, cause i remember my friend lyndsay at the time was interning at KRS, and she's the one who told me who it was, cause i wasn't sure; i think you're right though, i just googled slim moon, and he doesn't look anything like le ton mite. Thanks for clearing that one up for me mike!