Read the writing on the walls

Tonight at the Sin*a*gog we're watching
The Constant Gardener
Come one come all, bring wine or snacks or just yourself

Pictures of Walls


Anonymous said...

i really loved that movie. beautiful imagery. painfully so. and two hotties (is it weird to think Ralph Fiennes is sexy?). wish i could have come over. just got done with my work. too much work lately. see you soon.

Tmoore said...

Yeah, it was good; better infact than i thought it would be; reminded me of "the insider" in that it the way it exposed to me, something that i pretty much already knew about, but was shocked to see nonetheless. Ralph Fiennes? Comeon he's hotness! there should be no arguement... he's sensative and thoughtfull, but has that look in his eyes that says "I'll hold you close and keep you warm, i won't let the bad men get you Tanner!... err, or whoever..."

Anonymous said...

plus, he's Voldemort (sp?) from Hairy Potter