Tonight @ the Sin*a*Gog

That's right, it's that time of the month already. Tonight, 10ish bring food and wine or booze, beer too if you have it. Mostly just bring yourselves, records if you wanna spin them; slides if you want to project them, thoughts if you want to share them, and rugs if you want to cut them.

Just to clarify; The Winter Sucks party, is not about hating winter, (confusing ain't it?) it's about hating the parts of winter that suck, and we all know what parts they are, but of course they're different for each of us, whether it's the long cold dark, heating bills, scraping ice off of everything, not knowing if your car is ever going to start, falling on your ass, painful existential crisis's or even more painful boogercicles; we all share in the experience that is a New England winter, together.

So to sum up, tonight is not about hate, but about sharing. Get it?


Here's the directions to our place.
Can't wait to see you all!


Anonymous said...

have a lot of fun! wish i could be there! here's my sharing: i hate winter when i have holes in my shoes.

Animal Parade said...

hi, guys,
sorry greg and i didn't make it to the party - unless greg went after i fell asleep!!
i look forward to hearing about how much fun it was!

Anonymous said...

who were all those party people?? thanks for putting up with my sass. i heart t&t music factory!