when it rains


Tonight was the best, all day long i was just filled with anxiety about maybe not getting the apartment, the meeting with Sally went well, but i'd say our chances of getting the place are about 20%, our references and job's weren't really up to snuff, a cheese cutter and a record store clerk against a college professor... who would you pick to live in your house. Todd and Tanner, i think so too.
Anyway, so then me and Todd and Sarah got down to moving and finding places to move all of their stuff, cause they gotta be out by like tommorrow. Gaylord gave Todd some space at his swank studio,which i havn't ever seen until today and dang it's nice, and Todd's next door neighbor said they could keep things in their basement, so that was good, by the time we got done moving i was feeling a bit nar, all the coffee and nervousness of the day sorta had me worn out, and the weather outside seemed to be mirroring my insides perfectly, all gusty blowing and unseasonable warmth.
Then Michelle called and invited us over for dinner at her place, which i've never seen before either! So anyway we headed over, Michelle has the cuted upstairs cottage in burlington, there's this little table at the top of the stairs that rivals that window and Ben and Angelas in cuteness (you know the really narrow/tall window in their living room.) Anyway, so michelle had this spread layed out, with little pickles, (wasabi pea) butter, apricots, bread, you name it. and was listening to the new Akron/angels of light, which is better than both the bands are on their own. and then she says "You guys want something to drink... i don't have any beer or wine, but... i got this bottle of makers mark..."

And their we have it. I'm going to bed now, i'll post some more tomorrow when i'm sober and dry. The pictures are great! And thanks to Adrienne for risking the floods to rescue me from the clutches of the O.P. and happy birthday to Ryan, MIKE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

awww shit tanner....thanks. -m

Anonymous said...

that photo has so many nice features:

squire, mini-carafe, sarah's silhouette, cd atop spilled wine...


The Le Duo said...

yeah mike! happy bday. scorpions rule!

last night was great.. a super last night w/ sara

The Le Duo said...

and by scorpions i meant scorpios of course

Tmoore said...

nuh-uh you mean scorpions, you guys were totally in that band.

The Le Duo said...

either way, he wouldn't be a scorpio

i eff'd up

whatever, we STILL rule!