It's Winter!

Spent the whole afternoon hanging out at Todd and Sarah's - Todd was taking the day off, or as we used to say, playing hooky. Though, he says he wasn't feeling well - we sat around and talked like we havn't had the chance to do in a while, and i was reminded why he was one of the first new friends i made when i moved to Burlington. We sat around and talked very openly about whatever, this and that, and how crappy (/freakin' beautiful) it was outside, and i felt great sitting around inside a warm house knowing i had nothing better to be doing.
We decided on renting a few movies and inviting some people over, sorta last minute but neither of us wanted to go to band practice, with ben being away, it just doesn't feel right - so we rented this documentary about Guided by Voices and this pseudo-documentary (a la Man bites Dog, repleat with sound guy killing in-humor.) called "Punishment Park".
JB came over and so did Michele, JB brought a 12 pack of Budweiser, and Michele brought 3 glasses and bottle of wine - Sarah brought Orange juice and somekind of thick green kiwi blend - she also let me have some of her homemade mac-and-cheese, that was made with 2 year old aged shelburne farm's x-tra sharp chedda! what cool friends i have.
The movies were all ok - i don't think anyone really liked Punishment park, i can't say i did either but it was interesting at least, though a little heavy handed with the message, yeah i get it, the man is trying to keep us down, i dig, word. But i figure that when it was made, it was right in the middle of all that violence and oppression and i feel like it a deserves a little respect 30 years later, for attempting to do something more than just exploit the youth culture of the times. It's real easy to sit in a cozy room, and watch and judge... it did have suprisingly good production values, though some of the acting was a little over the top... whatever, the GBV documentary was pretty sweet, lots of cigarette smoking and cut-off jean shorts, and at least now i don't hate them so damn much for making all those impossible to listen to b-side/rarity compilations that Herb insists on playing constantly at work - HOT FREAKS! Posted by Picasa


The Le Duo said...

you're right tanner- Todd is a great person to talk with because i've found that nothing surprises him and at the same time he'll say some really open (and really off the wall) shit. but i am really gled that i met all the nest material and related people because they are all super cool and interesting(and some have pretty impressive beards)

greg davis said...

tanner, dont let no one give you shit about your beard or attempt at one. rock it!

Tmoore said...

Thanks Greg, i'm let my freak flag fly!