New morning/old morning

I stayed at A's last night, nuff said...

waking up to the sounds of distant cars and the occasional winter bird, was so wonderfully, I decided I'd lay in bed and try to relish the moment, but my head wasn't having it for very long, and soon enough strange worries crept in and took hold.

worries included:

1. Did I ever actually pay off that 3 year old Gap Card bill (20$ pants I never wore, evolved into 180$ pants.)
2. I haven't seen my Father in months, nor anyone in my family, is that bad?
3. I'm going to have to ask Michael @ Pure pop for more evening off on the weekends cause it interfere with Nest Material.
4. Has my father been helping me with my school lones, or are they just pilling up somewhere on his desk?
5. Are my teeth rotting?

There were a few more I think, but I smothered them with a pillow. On the bright side though, I got today and tomorrow off, and me and A. Are currently doing very OK, as friends (w/ benefits...) I've figured out that I can afford my new apartment leaving me with about 150$ a week. Not much, but not terrible. Nest Material shows are going well (except maybe for the last one, but I think their were some shining moments in there.) we've got our biggest one yet coming up with the Cush (who's new album is amazing.) and I think I may be starting to get over my stage fright.

Ok, I'm gonna go have coffee with A.

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